Ghostropolis by Doug TenNapel

GhostopolisGhostopolis by Doug TenNapel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Preface, I would not have read this if a coworkers son (10 years old) hadn’t been hanging out in my office and we got talking books. I love books, so I ask kids what books they love. Also it’s better than talking video games, though he did play angry birds on my iPad.

Things I loved:
1. This is a Graphic Novel. So the art was really impressive. It mislead you so that reveals in the end where even more awesome. It added to the plot and in general was just super fun and cool.
2. This book was designed for easy reading. It was made for reluctant readers. So yes, some of the lines are clichéd, but they are awesome clichés that make you want to keep reading.
3. The main character is shown to have a very active imagination, even though he is going through some tough stuff. So when he gets sucked through to Ghostropolis it is absolutely awesome to see him use that imagination and his strength against adversity to his advantage.
4. The supporting characters have this history that is witty and bantery, but fully explains itself within the world building. Long live Claire Voyant (best NAME EVER) and Frank.
5. This is action packed. Like there is always stuff happening and the plot keeps moving along at a fine pace. I kept flipping the pages like there was no tomorrow.

So if you are looking for a book to entice a reluctant reader I fully recommend this book. It is light and fun and easy to get through. Not heavy on the dialogue, instead leading with great pictures that help tell the story. And if it gets them sucked into the wide world of books, then AWESOME!!

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