So long and thanks for all the fish.

So let’s start off with some awesome news!!!

  • I have started a new day job!! Hoozah.  A Million times more awesome than the last one, same company, but different department. 
  • I went to World Fantasy Convention and had a BLAST!!!  FREE BOOKS!!!!!
  • I am doing NaNoWriMo again this year, and ML. 

Now for the not so awesome part:

This year has been an extraordinary challenge for me, with a lot more downs than there feels ups.  I’m not going to go into those details because it’s personal and this is a public space.  I have been really stressed out, a little depressed and dealing with anxiety.  I’m not all of these things all the time, but I am some of these things some of the time, and a combination of these things some of the time.  So far it hasn’t threatened my ability to be a functioning human being, but it has impaired it.  What I have really learnt though is that I am not superwoman.  I can’t do everything all the time, with a positive spin on it.  There is simply not enough time and not enough mental energy.

As much as I want to say yes to every single AWESOME idea that comes my way, this year has really taught me that I can’t.  In fact it has taught me how to say no, and how to start cutting back.  I need to get to a healthier place with myself.  And the key for me to do that is to cut back.  I need more me time and more mental space, and to not feel so panicked at a never ending to do list. 

So what that means is that I am going to take a blogging hiatus.  I am still on Goodreads, and I might pop up on twitter, and I might reblog some things on tumblr.  But these are not priorities in my life.  Blogging has been a priority in my life, or at least I have tried to make it one, and right now seeing that I haven’t blogged for the past month stresses me out.  Makes me feel like I am dropping the ball.  Twitter and goodreads and tumblr don’t stress me out as I have never committed to them on a full time scale.  They have always been whatever, whenever kind of things.  The fact is I don’t feel like I am offering quality content.  I know what my dream blog here would look like, and right now this is not it.   The time it would take to run this to the caliber that I want to is more than I can put in right now, and just good enough is not good enough for me. 

Therefore, I am taking a break.  A long break.  I am going to focus on writing, and family and friends, and cut things back till I reach a healthier place.  Once I do I may reconsider what I want to do with this space and what I can manage.  But until then, there will be radio silence

I’m sorry to all of you who have followed me and enjoyed what I have been providing.  But sometimes cutting things out is the only way to move forward.  I wish you all the best in your life.



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