I am back for the fish!

Hey Guys!!!

So um, if you are on Tumblr you can totally find me there at: http://piscesmuse.tumblr.com  

In the mean time I’m going to start posting my book reviews back here.  I’m also going to commit to a once a week other blog post on whatever Amuses me at the time of I am inspired by.  That may or may not include the following:

  • thoughts on life
  • thoughts on working out
  • thoughts on writing
  • thoughts on reading
  • knitting stuff
  • things that are awesome and made of win
  • more dog pictures?  Yes I think this place needs more pics!

So maybe I might even hop on the bandwagon of mindful monday’s I have been following.  But um next week.  This week I’m going to try a light commitment to being more present online.  

Also because I can a picture of me from this past NaNoWriMo – because I voted we have more pics and I am self centred!



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