I worship at the alter of Laini Taylor (or why I don’t mind waiting for books when they get delayed)

So Laini Taylor just wrote this blog post and she is like my idol.  I mean, in my mind I have put her up there on a pedestal of the goddess of writing to be worshiped. This is not only because I adore and would give ALL the stars to her books, but also becuase when she talks writing, I find myself sitting here nodding my head yes, thinking she nailed it.  It is a like going to a guru and having them confirm with words the things you couldn’t but felt.  She is amazing.

Anyways, back to her blog post for today.  Sometimes, (and I feel so bad for saying this) I’m happy when I see a publication date pushed back.  DON’T THROW THINGS AT ME!  It’s a good thing.

1) you get to read more awesome books while you wait and fall in love with other series. 

I don’t know about you but looking at my home library I have easily over 50 books in print I haven’t read yet.  That doesn’t even count my e-reader.  I just feel overwhelmed sometimes trying to keep up with it all.  The authors I already love and finding new authors to love.  So when I hear a publication date is pushed back it’s like a sigh of releif. Laini Taylor is obviously one of those authors that when her book comes out I drop everything else and push her to the top.    A part of me is guilty about shunning other books that have been waiting but another part of me is all like I WILL NOT BE DENIED THE LAINI TAYLOR, DON’T MAKE ME SUFFER WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS ANY LONGER.  And this way I just look at my phsyche and shrug, because it’s out of my hands, and so the swirl of guilt disapears and I skip away and find more book love.

2) The book gets to be better. 

Sometimes authors just need more time to work through there story.  That is cool. I so get it.  In college I had this business project and for the life of me I couldn’t get the financials to work. I knew they should – this was  case study, and yet my brain was so damned fried I emailed my profesor and asked for an extention.  He granted it and I got the extra time to confer with classmates and then the moneys – they made sense.  Now the profesor was a dick about it afterward, because I was at school when clearly I should have been at home in a cave and not emerging because he had been a god and granted the extention, to which I say screw you!  But his dickishness is irelevant to the story.  WAIT – that is totally relevent.  It’s like handing a book in before having your betta readers go through it, and you just need to wait for your betta readers to go through it and you know get on with your life till that’s done, but it’s not ready till they have gone through it and you fixed it.

There was a book that I totally love the first one!  Like I gushed about it to all of my friends and said read this, it is totally amazing. It is the book that got my sister addicted to Dystopia.  But the second book, was all like – meh?  I mean it progressed the story, but it just didn’t feel like the writing was the same.  The pacing felt off like a cat with a peice of tape on it’s back.  You know?  It was still a cat with all the cat like parts, but it functioned like it was off.  I would rather the author take longer, than force something out that isn’t quite right.


Lastly I would also totally like to agree with Laini about experiencing a series as it releases.  It’s like it’s a group effort.  I know I didn’t slave away at the books, but there is a certain feeling of pride in/at the author who has accomplished this.  Also it’s like a secret that your in on.  It’s awesome and made of WIN!!!!


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