Poison by Bridget Zinn

PoisonPoison by Bridget Zinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reading this book was like reading a Disney princess movie but in novel format. I kept picturing it like a Disney Movie, kind of like the latest Alice in Wonderland as directed by Tim Burton, with all those pops of color.

This book was done in quest style, with one event happening after the other, so there was always something new happening. My only complaint was that it was just a little bit too easy. I know she tried to paint it in shades of grey, like what the Kitty did in trying to kill her best friend. But that was done to save the kingdom, so it came off as very black and white to me. The hero who will do anything in order to succeed in their righteous mission, even if it means killing their best friend. There could have been a lot more inner turmoil over it, yet it felt so very cut and dry.

Furthermore, when they had opportunity to have some the characters be of less than high moral standard and possibly have it be a twist and be a bad person, they weren’t. In fact the twist was that these people where the good guys. The BAD people where very clear. We were told they were bad people, and then by the end of the novel they were still the bad people.

Here’s the thing. I will watch movies because they are these clean good Vs. Evil everything is cut and dry and we know where we stand and look a musical number – entertaining pieces. However, when it comes to my reading I want more meat on the bones.

I loved the pig and the dog. I even liked Fred. I wish that the way it played out between Ari and Fred and Kitty was different and that things didn’t have to be called off in order for two people to get together that should have. Also I wish the kissing scenes where a lot more in depth. But then again, I always want more in depth kissing scenes.

Because this piece was so clean both in morality and in plot I would say that it could easily be marketed as a middle grade novel instead of a YA novel. I would have adored this novel when I was in that pre-teen stage.

It’s a very cute, and they all lived happily ever after affair, and had this been a movie I would have been all over this like dogs on a steak, saliva and all.

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