What you should watch on Netflix – In Time!

In Time

I can’t believe I put off watching this movie on Netflix for as long as I did, even after Beth Revise (or at least I think it was her – it’s an author who’s blog I follow anyways) had recommended it.  Normally when and author I love says yo this shiz is good shiz, I am all over that like dogs on bacon.  Except if it is anime.  But you know some bacon isn’t really bacon. 

It says so much about how we live, that it’s kind of like a slap in the face.  Except they do it with time as currency instead of money and turn it into this high stakes science fiction action movie and I just couldn’t get enough of it.  It left me thinking about it all night, in the I just can’t turn off my brain and sleep kind of way.   I love me a good action movie, but this one did something better than just entertain me, it made me think about it, but not in a pretentious kind of way.

All I could think was that if this where a book – this would be the type of book I would be reading till 3 in the morning biting my nails waiting to see what happened next even though I had to work the next morning.  Also there would be fist pumping and feet thumping in delight!

By far the best movie I have watched in a very long time.  Do you like movies about time?  Do you like action movies?  Do you like seeing the rich being screwed by the underdogs?  Do you like science fiction movies?  Why haven’t you watched this movie yet?

 If it’s because of Justin Timberlake, (because this is what turned Cowboy off) just let go of that.  He does a really good job and also manages to look super sexy.  Also I want Amanda Seyfried  haircut and her eye makeup in this movie.  She looks HAWT and normally she just annoys me.  Also maybe her entire wardrobe from this movie.


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