How to read when you can’t read

I haven’t felt the urge to curl up with a book and loose myself recently.  Once upon a time this might have really worried me.  What do you mean I don’t want to read?  Reading is my very favorite sport!  The page turning, – how fast can we do it? 

I’m just so damned restless lately. I can’t just sit still and turn pages and fall into a book.  My mind won’t shut up and says I have all of these other things I should be using my time for!  And my brain is all like, can’t concentrate on a plot and keep a story in my head and when I keep wondering off mentally preparing to do lists in my head.  I just can’t let go enough to relax and do this thing. 

In the past this meant that I didn’t read for however long this unsettling faze kicked in for.  However, now with the advent of e-readers and audible books no longer being these things of horrible dread, I can still read even when I can’t read.  Makes sense? 

Example the first:

 The Audio books

Driving to work, is boring stuff.  There are cars and trees, and hopefully not trees in the road, but you know this is northern Ontario (shh don’t tell Cowboy that, he grew up farther north than I and so Piffs on this being considered northern).  And well look, driving is driving, and we listen to the radio right in order to keep us entertained.  Why not a book? Why  not be like a little kid and have someone else do the heavy lifting for you and be read to?  Have them do the voices!

Other places you could be listening to an audiobook:

  • Mucking about in the kitchen
  • Cleaning the house
  • Walking your dogs
  • At the gym
  • Lunch breaks at work – shovel food in mouth and be entertained
  • While knitting.

Example the second:

The E-reader

Here you might be thinking that hello – an e-reader is just an electronic version of a book.  And yes you are right.  But it’s where you use this e-reader that matters.  And for me it is at the gym on an elliptical.  Books at the gym don’t lie flat, and the writing can be cramped.  But e-readers on the other hand don’t have pages in the same way, and you can blow up there font. Hello winning!!!  1 hour of cardio used to be torture.  It used to be – my brain will die while I am getting fit.  I would rather be unfit than have my brain die.  But then the i-pad.  And the books.  And the reading.  It’s like I have tricked myself into nocking things off my never ending to-do list and am being both entertained and getting fit.  Who is made of awesome and win?  Points thumbs at her own chest – I AM!!!


So yeah, right now Prodigy is lingering on the Am Reading section of my Goodreads.  But Poison – Gym book.  Beautiful Creatures – Audio book.  There are other ways to win at this reading game than your standard paper books. 

**** Please be advised, that I am in no way saying get rid of paper books.  Heck my personal dream since I was a kid was to have my own personal library.  Think Beauty and the Beast where the beast gifts her a library. I can’t do that if I don’t have paper books.  And all the pretty covers!  But you know – a little variety in the format of books you read will let you keep on reading even when you can’t sit down with a book in the classis curl up with tea and hardcover kind of way.*****


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