Beautiful Creatures Vs. Beautiful Creatures – a showdown between book and movie!

Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1)Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay with the movie coming out I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie. That didn’t quite work. Firstly I haven’t been doing as much reading lately, more listening to books. So I did start listening to this as an audiobook before the movie came out. Honestly, I don’t know what made me think I coudl listen to a book within a week, as I only planned on listening to it on my comute too and from work – that’s what like a totaly of 2.5 hours of my week. Silly girl. What ended up hapening is that I asked Cowboy to go and see this with me, and he said yes, and we went to go and see it like very close to opening weekend, and I loved the movie! Adored it in fact.

And I know this is suposed to be a book review, but we’ll I have to cover the movie as well as I spent a lot of time while listening to the audio book comparing them back and forth.

Things the same:

1) Leena does do the countdown of days left on her hand
2) Link’s mom is the same in the book and the movie including the twist there.
3) Leena does break a window
4) there is a public hearing to expel Leena – that Maken comes and saves the day at
5) Amma – totally there and kicking ass in both forms.
6) flashbacks when holding the locket

Things that are different
1) There are a lot more days to countdown in the book than the movie
2) While links mom is the same the twist is revealed at the end of the novel but halfway through the movie.
3) Leena does a whole love more suspicious things in the book than the movie
4) The public hearing is in a church in the movie, but school gym in the book. When Maken saves the day in the movie we have a moment between him and Link’s mom. Not so in the book.
5) Amma and the librarian are smooshed into one character for the movie. I’m okay with this.
6) there are a lot more flashbacks in the novel than in the movie.

I kind of think I like the movie better. I know it dropped a lot of characters, but I appreciated how i compacted things too. It made some of the wibly wobly bits seam tighter to me. Less characters to jugle and more streamlined. Though I do wonder about certain aspects of the movie, if they where stolen from other books. Mainly the boy forgeting the girl. Is that in a later Caster Chronicle book? Just so we are clear, I hate Amnesia for the sake of plot. So if it is, I may end of quiting this series.

Now as per the Audiobook – audio portion of it. This had a male POV and it took some time me getting used to him. What really really really irked me was the talking they did in each others heads. Mostly I think Sarah Rees Brenan handled it better in Unspoken. In the audio book this is denoted by whispering, and it was just super creepy! Also I really disliked the musical interlude. I know it was meant to be an enhancment. I know in the past when I have read lyrics in a book that is a made up song, I thought how cool would it be to actually hear it. Except this felt dated to me, and generic. Also moon of my tides – that line was like fingernails on a blackboard. It made me think of girls’ perriods.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of such large bullying on such a massive scale. Like the whole town was a bully because someone was different. This small mindedness really irked me.

Overall, I was entertained by this book, but if I where actually reading it as oposed to listening to it, I might not continue. As an audiobook, this is something I kind of mindlessly plug in while I am doing other things and sometimes I pay attention, and other times I don’t but it doesn’t matter too much because the plot is easy to grasp.

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