A Please to not keep writing The Host Series

’m sure I have admitted this here before but in case I haven’t here goes: I have read Stephanie Meyer.  Not all of her work, but like 98% of her work.  Phew.  I can totally breath easier now that that confession is off my chest.

I raced through Twilight at break neck speeds and then I picked up The Host, suffering from Vampire withdrawals, I figured anything by the same author would do.  I didn’t expect to love this book.  It was a fill gap book.  The one you read after a book hangover because you have to keep reading but you are in no state to become invested. 

Except this book shocked me with how much I adored it.  I was fascinated by this alien culture, by this idea of a perfect earth.  I was siding with the aliens – why would we not want to be improved.  No more wars.  No more famine.  No more inequality.  This was utopia. 

I have since fallen out of love with Twilight.  A Movie franchise with actors who don’t respect the source material can do that to a girl.  Also realizing Edwards super creepy stalker tendencies, and having a very dissatisfying fourth book didn’t help in keeping my loyalty.  But The Host.  I would always look back at this book and think, that in this one, she peaked.  She nailed this idea and did really well by it. 

So in watching the trailers, instead of being apprehensive about the actors portraying the characters, I’m actually looking at them and going wow – they work.  I hope they didn’t make the same mistake as the Twilight Cast.  I hope they love this book as much as I do.  I hope this adaption is as awesome as the book is.  If the trailers are to be trusted, it quite possibly might be more. 

I don’t know if I want Stephanie Meyer to finish this series.  I think I might actually be okay with it being left as is, despite what her goodreads account says that there will possibly in some future time be more books.  Please, pretty please, don’t keep writing if you are going to muck it up the same way you did the Twilight series – A love triangle where she chooses the wrong boy, a suicidal depression state over breaking up with a boy (because that is a healthy way to tell little girls about love), and a forth book that is the equivalent of fan fiction. Please don’t do this to The Host.  If you are, then just leave it at book one.  Really I beg of you, please don’t write more in this universe.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t trust you. 

Thank you!


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