Things that are made of Awsome and Win!

Guys Guys Guys!!!  I feel like I have so much awesome to share with you.  A part of me wants to like make a separate blog post for each item for the sake of content (yes I am evil like that!) and another part of me just wants to share with you all of the awesome things!  Guess which urge has won out?  If you picked option B you are a WINNER!!!! Throws confetti in the air!

Thing the First!

We are house shopping!  I feel like this is the biggest thing.  We are currently renting my parents second house and to say that it is in massive need of some TLC is a bit of an understatement.  It needs a wrecking ball and to be rebuilt – but just to highlight some of the issues it needs, new siding, new insulation, new windows, a new roof, a new front porch.  So pretty much anything is an improvement from that!

We are looking at sooo many things online.  And a part of me wants to see them all! All of them!  All now! 

Our wish list:

  1. Above 1500 square feet
  2. At least 2 bathrooms
  3. At least 3 bedrooms
  4. Place for Darren’s music equipment that is NOT the garage
  5. Writing space (maybe a computer room or a writing nook?)
  6. Sewing room (preferably in with the laundry room. 
  7. A fenced in back yard (though not necessary definitely an added bonus for the dog)
  8. We shouldn’t have to replace windows and doors and stuff like the list of whats wrong above with where we are currently at. 

Thing the Second!

My aunt gave me ribbon yarn she wants turned into a scarf.  She gave it to me last night.  A part of me was mad because it was a tangled mess and I had to untangle it.  The other part of me was strangely delighted by the colors.  I cast it on last night (after looking up what to do online and untangling it and wrapping it around a kitchen spoon).  It’s weird and I am on the fence about it, yet I think it will knit up fast and while I am on the fence in regards to being a process or product knitter (let’s can of worms that as per the Writing Excuses podcast for a later time), it will be another item off the needles and that will make me feel accomplished!  I like feeling accomplished!

Thing the Third!

Did I mention house shopping?  You get to open up people’s cupboards and snoop.  And closets.  And it’s everything I want to do in a new friends house when I first walk in but is deemed rude and I can’t.  This will be awesome!


Thing the Fourth

We went this weekend to visit Darren’s dad about 2 hours away from us.  It was nice.  I spent a lot of time looking at their house and thinking about how I would spend their space in it if where my house.  This house shopping thing has taken up all of the brain space in my head!  All of it!

Thing the Fifth

I love netgalley!!  Truly I do.  Keeping a book blog and you know other stuff blog has been a really great practice for me despite my tendencies sometimes to fade off the face of the earth. And netgalley lets you request books and you get them for free and all you need to do is review them!  Most excellent!  Sometimes I don’t get approved for requests and those used to make me sad, but now I just kind of shrug it off and celebrate the ones they do approve me for!  Also it totally fosters my need to shop for books and yet not break the bank! And I love getting to find out about books I might now have normally had on my radar.  They are made of awesome and WIN!  I raise a glass to you good Sir (or Madam) who came up with this idea. You are most brilliant!

Thing the Sixth

I got a new dress for dead Zombie Jesus day.  I know some people celebrate the Catholic ritual of Easter, but really that fairy tale totally supports Zombies.  And I like Zombies!  Not in the sense that I want to be one, but that it love Zombie movies and TV shows and books.  I like finding out who has survived and what the survival tactics are.  It really pushes people to be more than they are regularly.  Oh and the dress is super cute.  It is so spring like, with its paisley and flowy layers!  I just wish the weather would get the memo that it is spring in our hearts and therefore should be outside too! 

Thing the Seventh

House shopping!  I will have a place to call my own.  And it may not be perfect but we will have a lifetime to make it so!  I can paint whatever colors I want whenever I want. I get to hopefully buy new furniture.  Maybe even rip out a kitchen and upgrade and replace it.  Maybe the same with a bathroom.  All of this excites me a lot.  I love being handy and looking at a project I did and thinking – WELL DONE!  Kudos to me!   *(also this all may terrify me a little too)

Thing the Eighth

New Doctor Who!!! I haven’t watched it yet, so please don’t spoil me.  But I think that may be my treat sometime this week.  Curl up and Doctor Who it up!


Okay – I think that is all for now!  How was everyone else’s long weekend?


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