Maybe this is book blog, or maybe a writing blor or maybe a crafting blog, but it’s my blog. It’s me.

Besides last year being the year of suck (I offically crown it the year of suck – officially as of now in my blog! Thee has been dubed.), I have always kind of strugled with my relationship with bloging.  My first examples with blogging where niche blogging.  I started following niche blogers – they where easy to find. 

 However, I have since learned that my favorite blogs curently are both niche blogers who tell us more about them.  Sure the Yarn Harlot is a knitting blog, but she is also a life blog.  How would I know both about her feelings on romantic love and valentines day would hit so close to home for me, and at the same time also know that those weird pockets in your door are better suited for yarn than garbage. 

 I follow a knit bloger who is also talking about her upcoming trip to Spain.  Different organization techniques she uses in her small house.  Sewing and other craft projects.  Finding cute kitch stuff up her alley in various places.  Her blog is like a snapshot into her life. 

 I follow a photographer, who also has blogged about the purchase of her first home on her own, her daughter, what she wheares, what she did on the weekend, and has amazing pics to top it off. 

 I follow a homestead blog, that blogs about her kids, and there life on the homestead and her crafting. 

 The blogs I enjoy most do have themes, but more importantly they are snapshots into the persons life.  They are windows into the foundation of who they are.  What they hold up to be the high points in there life. 

 Once upon a time I followed a lot of industry writing related or book related blogs.  They where very informational.  Like reading the sprots section in the newspaper.  Now though, I find myself gravitating towards lifestyles.  How does one shape a life?  How is one a whole entity instead of peices to an entity? 

 It seams the more I blog about a wide variety of what appeals to me as a person, the more I expand the horizons of my blog, the happier I am with it, the more I open myself up writing wise too!  It’s like writing stretching for the mind.   I find I have more to say when I am not so restrive in the content.  When I am not so strict in the bloging schedule.  As long as I get a post up a week – I’m happy.  Letting this be a snapshot of me, is scary in that way of sharing who you are with complete strangers, but at the same time there is a certain freedom to it too.  A decleration to the world – this is me!  Please enjoy!


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