A Love Letter to Netgalley and it’s publishers!

This is a love letter to Netgalley.  I just.  I just…. I just LOVES THEM!!! 

Okay so remember when you where a little kid and you where taken to the library and told that all of these books are free and you can borrow them and read them, and then return them.  And it was like Christmas all over again.  FREE BOOKS!!  Sure you had to return them but think of the posibilities, all the adventures you could have? 

Netgalley is kind of like that for book reviewers.  We don’t have to return the books but we do have to review them.  We don’t get aproved for all of the books – and I’m fine with that.  At first I was all like – why am I not good enough?  What do I not have that others have that get approved?  But then I got approved for something and it was like christmas.  After a few more aprovals and disaprovals I find I kind of just let the disaprovals roll of my back.  Like sure I don’t get to read that book for the price of a review but at the same time if it is a MUST HAVE chances are I was probably going to buy it anyways.  And also the aprovals – so delighted by the opportunity to check out books for free before pub dates and read them!  I’m delighted to be a part of the book loving process and spreading the word!

 Another added bonus is the ability to ability to discover books I haven’t been able to.  Going to a bookstore you get the books with the most push.  Sometimes the smaller publishers don’t have the same reach – we don’t hear as much buzz about them on the internet and they don’t meet our radars.  Or they are on the goodreads lists, but so close to the bottom of them as to not even register.  This is like discovering a whole new world of books – ones that are up my alley but not necesarily on my radar.

 Some notes on finding books on Netgalley:

 Check them out weekly – new stuff goes up all the time

If you like YA don’t just check the YA/Teen Section – take a look in Fantasy, as they will cross post them there, and sometime in the Children’s fiction section.

Are you also a crafter? – check out there crafting books.  I haven’t been turned down for one yet!

Are you looking for healthy new eats and was thinking of expanding into that in your blog too?  Check out the cooking section.

 I would like to raise a glass (red wine or tea is my preference – but whatever is yours) to the the founders of NetGalley, and the publishers who are on board with it.  Thank you for this amazing opportunity to champion books!

1 thought on “A Love Letter to Netgalley and it’s publishers!

  1. Just reading about NetGalley today online, sounds like a great service. I’m checking into signing up, thanks for your post.

    Following your blog now too. 🙂

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