Absolutely Delightful


Absolutely delightful…
Stranded knitting. Who would have thought? Certainly not as I, as I inwardly mocked everyone’s addiction to Spilly Jane knits. I mean really, who cares about tinny teacups on your mitts? Who needs that many pairs of mittens?

But then I was ordering stuff online through knit picks and I wanted the Knucks patters, and on the way to the check out there all like – you might like Kraken knuckles too! At first I was all like, meh, but then I was like, I have a friends who would ADORE these, and her birthday is in a couple of months, so sure let’s just add those in.

And then I did nothing with it immediately because hello Christmas knitting instead. So like literally the weekend before her birthday I cast on. At first I was like, this yarn does not have enough twist. Stupid yarn! But then I was like, hmmm, it is surprisingly bouncy, and I now find it charming. The cast on was delightful – (INSERT NAME OF CAST ON HERE). But of course I did it wrong like 3 times first because the instructions I had where not for knitting in the round so I had to figure that out.

I also improved upon my ability to follow a pattern. I used to follow a pattern moving the magnet up the pattern blocking out what I had done before. In a book I recently read through on knitting it suggested moving the magnet upwards blocking off what you have yet to do and keeping a visual on the current line and what you have already done. OMG! Guys, this tactic, so freaking brilliant! I can’t believe I never thought of it before. Because then you can use what you have already done as a counting tool for what you still need to do. Just try it, it will make more sense once you do!

Then came the stranded colour work. I thought having to switch back and forth would be annoying. It was kind of at first, not going to lie. And it would get all twisted up and I would have to hold my yarn to untwist it and not let the needles get tangled. However, watching the pattern grow and take shape and become not just a shape, but a design – holly freaking delightful.

Without further ado… drum roll please….

Kraken knuckles!


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