Dudes, I really want to tell you all about buying a house.  I really really really want to.  Except the process for me has been akin to the movie Tangled.  When she leaves the tower with Captain Dreamboat (yes that’s what I think of Flynn Rider after the smolder stare), and she’s all like BEST DAY EVER, then is lying in the grass face first totally regretting her decision, and then is super happy and excited and then sad for disappointing her mom and guilty, completely yoyo like.  That is what buying a house has been like for me.


It has been like that.  I have been excited to view things.  Excited to put in an offer.  Then on the edge about telling my parents and getting their reaction. Then stressed waiting for signatures.  Then thrilled we settled on a price.  And then asked for the deposit fee and felt like a balloon popping because of the realization of closing costs.  Then happy we were approved for a mortgage.  And then a complete spiral out of control about fear mongering and job security at work (friends and family did a lovely job of shoring me up on that one!).  Then the house inspection and skipping along like a little kid through that.


At house inspection.  House inspector calls me over.


This is wrong.


But it’s fixable? Right?!?


Yes.  This is how you fix it.


That will be in the report right?




Most excellent. (skips away and signs a marry song where birds come and help her clean her house)

At the end of the house inspection we got the all clear.  Nothing major just a few minor changes, that we can totally do ourselves.   Have no fear!  I am handy!!!

And then the more paperwork and the waiting!

But things are clipping along at a good pace.  It just won’t feel 100% real until we have keys in hand and our stuff is moved in.  Until then I feel like I’m learning how to surf and the board is going to be ripped out from under me at any second. (never mind that I have never been surfing before ever!)

I think this waiting game is the worst of it.  Honestly.  I can’t sleep right, I can’t eat.  My brain is Jell-O.  Apparently the only thing I am good at is watching TV and knitting or playing Assassins Creed 3.

So don’t mind me while I burn out on Assassins Creed and neglect this space a little as I pack up the house and try not to post my complete stress outs online.  No one wants to see me lose my shit in a public space like this.  No matter how tempting it might be.   Not until I can poke fun at me and be more self-deprecating about it.  Right now, a lot of it is all too fresh.  So just keep on picturing the Tangled moment.  That is me right now.  Without the long blond hair.

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