Please don’t stop the… audiobooks!

I just haven’t been able to sit down and read lately.  I want to.  I think about books I want to read.  I look at books I want to read.  I open up books I want to read.  I try to read books I want to read.  And then can’t.  With this whole moving thing, I just can’t seam to relax properly.  Reading would probably help me mellow out, and help with the relaxing. It has in the past.

But at the same time, when I do try to read my I’m not actually taking in anything.  The words are read, but my mind is running circles around something else.  Like what should I pack next?  How will I pack that?  What about all of these little things on your todo list?  I just can’t seam to use my time for reading.  And even before bed when I am too burnt out to do anything, I opt for sleep instead of stealing some time with a book.

I may also have a mental block up against it too.  If I really get into a book, then I’m going to start sacrificing time away from packing and that is not a good thing.

But audiobooks… that’s a different story altogether.  Audiobooks allow me to knit while I listen to them.  And knitting is productive, because at the end of knitting I have a finished knitted good.  Also turns out I knit fast listening to audiobooks than I do watching TV.  I have been listening to so many lately, I kind of feel it might be valid to get an Audible membership again.  And start getting some of the books I have on my bookshelf and want to read on audiobook instead.

A part of me that is all like, hey you just but a house, and will want some fancy new furniture to go into it and hey look at that credit card bill, says that would be fiscally irresponsible of me.  To A) spend money on an Audible membership to the caliber I want to spend money on it, and B) to buy books I already own because I won’t actually get around to reading them ASAP but I might listen to them ASAP.

I don’t have a conclusion guys?  Thoughts?  Fiscally responsible?  Go buy audiobooks anyways?  Hit of the library and pilfer all the books I want from them even though there selection for what I want to read isn’t that great?  Combination of multiple things?


One thought on “Please don’t stop the… audiobooks!

  1. I’d say go with the library. The library I use most often here has kind of a sucky selection of audio books, but I make it work. Once they run out of things of which I’d be interested in “reading,” surely other branches have more that I can have shipped over for me.

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