OMG sexy smechxy accent in audiobooks!

Not a full on book review, just a comment.

LISTEN to the Scorpio Races.  Not only is this one my all time favourite books, but the Narration is exceptionally well done.  We have a dual POV and therefore tow different narrators.  Sean’s voice is so god damned sexy I could just listen to it on repeat, but then when he shifts over to do George Holly’s American accent, it is so seamlessly well done, I just want to give the man an award!  And Puck’s narration.  Her voice is so lilting but has an edge to it.  And she she switches over to do the different characters, they feel so real, so separate, so whole.

And strangely enough I actually really loved the extra musical interludes.  They weren’t used excessively, and they added rather than detracted and dated the novel.  I think it’s because the style of the music had an old Celtic kind of east coast feel to it for me, and I adore this style of music.  It has roots that go deep, so it’s already old, but it works.

You can listen to a sample!

Well done!  I throw all the stars at you!


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