750 words . com

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have mixed feelings about journaling.  You hear from various sources that this is the thing to do, that it is good for you. Heck where I work they had a seminar on it.  That kind of squeezed a little fun out of the idea of it for me.  My biggest issue though was that there would be this hard copy of it.  For anyone at any time to just go and see my inner most private thoughts.  Ummmmm no… No one EVER is going to see that again.  Preferably not even me.  I wanted to get this inner much out of me and puzzle over these things, but I quite frankly I didn’t really want to have this hardcopy reminder of it all.

Then a writer friend pointed out 750words.com  It took the concept of three pages a day, but put it online in a confidential location that no one would see.  It’s not a blog, no one has access to it.  It’s an online journal.  And one that you don’t have to worry about accidentally posting live, or that can be hacked and stolen and posted live.  I gave it a try, used it for some writing, but honestly I wasn’t really in a place where it was working for me at the time.

We’ll since then life has gone downhill and I have been making concentrated efforts to take better care of myself mentally.  This also means taking better care of myself physically too, because if I’m healthy physically it also makes me feel good mentally too.  Part of the mental health though is getting those thoughts out of my head that just run around taking up space, making me worry about things that haven’t happened yet and might never happen and fear mongering.  I hate fear mongering but my psyche is incredibly good at it.

I started journaling again and I noticed it helped.  I noticed it was a great way to work through things.  But the permanent nature of pen to paper still bothered me.  Then a couple of weeks ago, I was like… hmm what about hat 750 words website.  Maybe I’ll try that again.  I type really fast so it takes up less time and is good for stream of conscious puzzling out.

Guys…. I love it!!!  It’s exactly what I needed.  And first thing in the morning is the best time for me, because it gets out all of the mind vomit before the day starts.  Before I have to talk to anyone I’m not carrying around my own baggage.

Other benefits are that it lets me puzzle out issues in a safe environment before I even consider posting that topic to my blog.  Sometimes when I think of a blog topic it comes with a lot of my own baggage, a lot of my own backstory.  A lot of my own grief and hurt.  Sometimes that needs to be toned down.  Working through things first on 750 words allows me to decide if I really do want to blog about the topic or if I just needed to get it off my chest.  It lets me purge the bits and keep the shinning nuggets the ideas was meant for.

It also frees up my brain space for more creative writing later on, because I have already taken care of my own personal emotional mental health writing.  It frees me.

Also the stats.  I love the stats.  Turns out my get introverted every day.  Not a new idea for me though.  And you get merit badges.

If you sign up now you get a free 30 day trial.  After that you have to pay for it monthly.  Now I did sign up before there May 1 deadline, so my account at this time is free for a lifetime.  So I’m sorry I didn’t rave poetic before about this.  I’m not sure I would pay for this service.  But trying to recreate this elsewhere leaves me antsy too.  I really do enjoy it.  Maybe give it a try for a month.



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