All For Me!

I wasn’t going to post this here, but I think it might be a good idea.  I have always approached writing with the goal that I wanted to be published.  So I have read industry blogs for agents, writers, and writing advice.  I have let a million things seep in and through my pores and whether conscious or not those things reflect in my writing.  And those things have been creating this subconscious road blocks for me.  I’m busy trying to make sure everyone has character motivation, that people have friends, and family, that everyone has a purpose and so on.  But life isn’t all these puzzle pieces that click together.  Life is a bit more messy than that.  And so trying to puzzle piece my novel into fitting all the advice I have read is just making me god damned frustrated.  It’s like if I tug on this string over here, a snarl appears over there.  It’s not clean.  It’s not fun any longer.

See I also realized that only reading industry blogs wasn’t fueling my creative intentions.  And only focusing on writing in my spare time and as a creative pursuit wasn’t making me happy any longer.  I needed something to fuel me, something to fill up my creative cup.   I needed to broaden my horizons and not be so single-mindedly focused.  I needed to just let other things seep into me in hopes that it would subconsciously churn out something that wasn’t so forced, that was a bit more organic.  A bit more me.

So this summer I have a project in mind.  It’s a project for me.  It’s not a project I want to pursue publication for.  It’s too quite.  It’s a contemporary, set in Canada and it probably won’t have widespread appeal.  But there is something about this story that speaks to my soul that came bubbling back up.  The creative arts blogs I have been following I think may have influenced this idea a bit more.

This novel is going to be all the pieces of me I want to put in there, all my hopes all my dreams, all my falling in loves and out of loves and all the things  that are beautiful and broken.  For there is beauty in a storm.  And this novel will be my summer storm.  It will be the sunshine and the rain, and it will be all mine.  Right now I don’t really want to give further details.  Maybe at a later date.  But right now this novel is going to be my secret lover.

No peaking over my shoulder, I’m not sharing this one.  Not yet.  I’ll take a flunk on kindergarten over this one. It’s back to basic for me, and basics means that first step I skipped ever so long ago.  I’m going to write a novel for me and only me.


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