This has to be a virus

Winter lingered here forever.  Up until about 2 weeks ago we where still getting snow.  And then bam! Summer.  It’s like we skipped spring.  It’s beautiful and sunny and I just want to be doing stuff all the time and be active and outside and get ALL the things done!!

And that includes writing. I want to write everything.  I see a picture of something cool and right away my brain starts spinning threads of feelings to go with it.  I want to write on my new secret project. I wan to do research on dirt biking for another long ago idea.  I want to write something creepy and haunting.  I want to just slough off winter and start anew on a million projects.  It has to be spring fever, but we skipped spring right?

Here’s a picture that recently grabbed me from Pinterest that makes me want to write about creepy haunted summer places (also it doesn’t help that I am currently listening to Holly Black’s Tithe series!).




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