To Technique

When I was younger I taught myself how to sew.  I pulled out my moms all metal sewing machine that was in need of some TLC and picked out a pattern and went for it.

Prior to that when I was younger I took knitting lessons from my grandmother.  My gauge was way too tight and I just couldn’t’ get past a couple of inches.  Never mind that I was using horrible yarn and metal needles.

So as a teenager when I was teaching myself how to sew it was more about getting it done than really learning technique.  Sure I knew about basic shapes but not really how to fit them.  I new about different kinds of stitching but not really mastered them or when to use them.  I new about interfacing but never really bothered learning about the different weights for them or how to use it properly besides when a pattern called for it.  It was always about getting to the end result than learning on the journey.

So when I recently took of knitting it was kind of like that too at first.  Except the more I knit, the more enchanted I become with the learning process.  The more I choose my patterns to learn new skills.  To learn different techniques.

I am now super confident with a M1R and M1L.  K2Tgt or SSK – I know these things.  I love learning new bind offs and cast ons and I pay attention to each of these things because it takes time.  It goes on one stitch at a time and each stitch matters.

I want to get back into sewing again.  And I think I really needed to get heavily obsessed with knitting in order to understand why sewing and I hadn’t been working out for so very long.  I wasn’t paying attention to it and I wasn’t striving to learn more.

So here is to Technique!!  Here is to continually learning new things!




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