Goals. Me Vs. Them.

Hello Poppets. I have successfully completed a course called Dealing with Difficult people. And by successful, you must know I submitted my last assignment, and am waiting on final grades. But Huzzah. It is done!!

I will probably be taking more classes. One per semester me thinks from now on. They are engaging and allow me to develop new skills and put them into practical application in my current day job. Totally rewarding. I am a forward moving kind of gal and I hate to feel stagnant, and that’s what I was feeling. This was empowering. Huzzah!

However, the day job remains the day job, and the most recent round of absurdities has really served to reinforce the idea that I should be working harder towards my novel(s).

Let’s review in an abstract kind of way. I keep feeling; why am I working towards someone else’s goals? Why am I a cog in their machine? Their goals do not align with my goals. And while I can be exceptionally good at them, it just feels like a lot of me is pouring into something that I am not getting a lot out of.

On the other hand I feel that writing novels would be me working towards my goals, with a team of people who are passionate about doing the same thing. I also feel that it would be creatively different enough that I would never feel stagnant in it. 

Okay, so wow, that is the best summation of the situation ever. Seriously. It has been such a jumble in my mind of how is what I do different than what I want to do, because someone else will always have a say and there will always be deadlines and such. However, now I can clearly see the difference.

It’s a my goals Vs. there goals kind of thing. It is Neil Gaimon and his Mountain. Seriously, go watch this commencement speech. While some people may take the make good art out of it, I loved the mountain part. That was the part that had me at hello.

Alright poppets. Off to go and see what else the day has in store for me, as this was an unexpected three day weekend, and today feels like Second Sunday.

And for your viewing pleasure a picture, because I like blog posts that have pictures.  My sister and I went to Stratford, and we took a paddle boat ride, and we had ducks following us and it was possibly one of the most delightful weekends of the summer.  Also, story ideas abound!

Stratford 2014
Stratford 2014

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