NaNoWrimo Day 17 – A Whole NEW WORLD!! (chaneling some disney here)

NaNoWrimo Day 17 – in which I catapult myself forward with a creative new world.

I have been trying to write the perfect assassin book for years.  For me it is about a girl finding her true power, falling in love, and kicking some ass.  It is about knowing her heart, and taking control.   I have tried writing this story at different times in different ways.  And so Sister’s Juliet is my most recent attempt, and it is a conglomerate of many different projects I had canned resurfacing and finding new life. And I can’t write it.

Yup, I am completely and utterly stuck.

And this is why: You can’t write anything more clever, or funny than you are.

An author I followed said this, and it is true.  It is so freaking true.

I am the girl who completely fails to notice things for weeks at a time.  My husband thinks it is hilarious to leave Christmas presents out in plain sight to see how long it takes me to find them.  As long as it looks like it belongs and is not in my way, I don’t notice things. Heck, someone needs to hold my hand as I cross the street because I fail to look both ways on a regular basis.

So I am spending an unreasonable amount of time killing my voice in this novel, trying to be the girl who notices and thinks about everything and the details are killing me.  I want to get to the sweeping emotional parts of the novel.  And I am so freaking stuck.  So stuck.

I picked up another assassin series from the library in hopes that reading it will unstick me.  I have also asked for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and have Romeo and Juliet on tap for this Wednesday, and I am sincerely hoping that this will give me some push to get through this, and find my way.

On the upside I also started this contemporary novel where I pour words into and things are witty and funny, but lack a plot.  So meandering.

And then to top it all off I am pulling a Stephanie Meyer, where I wake from this weird dream, and I thought, ho I will just jot down the details so I don’t forget, and then here I am 4k later, living in this odd fantasy land, that I would never in my save mind have been able to think up if my subconscious hadn’t been absorbing this vast amount of randomness and stirring it together in a soup pot. I know for a fact that my friend Heidi’s love of non-human characters and her talk of dragons is in there.  I know my love of Laini Taylor’s lush language and Taheref Mafi’s stream of consciousness burrowed into my brain to create the tableau of magic in this book.

Heck I am even writing it in third person and it feels so natural like this is the only way the story was meant to be.  And my mind just keeps picking at the details and the world building and I am 100% in love this this.  It is weird, and odd, and creepy, and tragic, and a love story, and just so many thing. So so many things, and it doesn’t belong with anything else I have ever tried to do, but I am in love and I am going to chase this thing until I get to the end, weather that be 10K or 100K words.

I really really want to tell you about this latest world, but I just can’t. I’m still holding onto it tightly, loving it for what it is, and exploring the possibilities of it.

So yeah, my NaNoWriMo, has become less about working on one project and finishing it, and more about reconnecting with my creative writer side.  I want to catapult this creativity forward.  And I am feeling really confident in that right now.

I’m starting to adjust to this writerly lifestyle, and it is one that I think I would love to contract as a disease.  Get up, write, drink tea and eat, walk dogs, write some more, putter about the house, maybe to go the gym, and then do something in the evening like watch tv and knit or read a book.  Every day, like that.  Yup, I could sink into that nicely.

How goes your writing?  What are you discovering about yourself on this crazy new adventure?


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