Know thy self

I had another interview that I am left sitting on the fence waiting of a decision, thinking is it good news the longer they make me wait or not?  I keep second guessing everyithing about how things are done, and how they have been done for other people and taking into account the hiring manager and how she likes to drag her feet about things, I just really don’t know what to think.

Except this.  I surround myself with art outside of work. I read.  I write. I knit.  I watch nerdy tv shows and movies.  My email inbox is full of emails from audible, and T-Fury where I like to see each new shirt design released.  I love art.  I love it to the end of the world and back, and no matter what happens here, I know who I am outside of here.  I am Julia.  I am queen of the nerds (okay not really, do not give me a pop quiz on nerddom, because I would most likely fail, I am a dabbler and an appreciator).

But this place, this place is only such a small facet of who I actually am and someday the scales will tip and I won’t need here any longer and I can use all of my time for the things that really matter the most to me, instead of trying to squeeze it in and around.  In and around something I am not nearly as passionate about.  I use up more time on something I am not as passionate about, then on the things I love to the end of my soul and back.  One day I want to change that.  That day isn’t today, but that is the hope I hold in my heart no matter what the outcome is of the interview, or anything else here for that matter.

I am me.

No one can take the sky from me.


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