Why does the New Year not start in September?

I come to you today with mixed feelings about this whole new years thing.  Mostly because for me the new year has always been September when school started.  Years of conditioning have a hard time of being overridden.  So this setting new goals thing in the dead of winter almost kind of feels like your setting yourself up for failure.  But it also feels like a game I don’t want to skip out on either.  So welcome to dilemma city.

Looking back 2014 wasn’t so bad.  Did everything I want to happen, happen.  Nope.  But did it leave me kicked on the ground in the fealty position, nope it didn’t.  There where things I wanted that didn’t happen, and I get it universe, you are telling me to spend my energy elsewhere, and that in spending it elsewhere it will actually bring me closer to my mountain.  It was still disappointing though.

Anyways I am an eternal optimist, and therefore think that every year moving forward will be my year.  I wonder though sometimes, if this attitude is what is holding me back.  That instead of enjoying the now, I’m looking at the tomorrow to be even better?  Either way I would love for this back ache to go away.  That would be fantastic.

So for the new year, I would like to keep it simple and broad, in the hopes that as the year progresses, I can break them down and shift them around as I need to.  I find to specific a task has me feeling like I can’t be flexible in my life.


Took both a 64 book challenge on Goodreads, and a 50 Book Challenge through Harper Collins.  I am not adding the total together, so if I hit 64 I win both and if I hit 50 I win one challenge.  64 was gotten to with the help of my sister… I normally go for 52 weeks in a year, and she suggested I add one more per month.  TADA!!!! (does a little tap dance number for you)


Finish writing 2 books.  I have two in mind that are already started that I love to pieces and I feel really confident in.  And when I say finish I mean not just a rough draft but revisions and polishing so they are agent ready.  I’m going to try and break that down a bit more to make sure I hit these goals as early in the year as possible.  Like first drafts done by the end of March on both, if not sooner.


I wanted to only knit a projects of my own design this year, but I see now how stupid that is.  Well I see how it might take away time from writing and or spread me to thin, when I just need to grab some knitting to take out the door but I haven’t yet done the legwork of designing a thing yet.  So I’m going to ease up on this goal and say that I would like to design 6 things this year.  That is one every two months.  I will put aside a Sunday afternoon to draft up the idea and do the figuring out, and then keep a journal with me as per how the project is progressing and changes I would make as I go.  This I feel would be more feasible then throwing myself completely in the deep end of things.  However, just to encourage myself to finish up some UFO’s I can only grab those till I run out of them if I don’t have a project I have designed myself readily available.


Loose 20 pounds.  I know every one is all about getting more fit and I get that.  I want to run further and be stronger too, and tinnier, but also I want to step on that scale and not feel like a pudge.  I feel pudgy right now, and I’m not a big girl, but there are bits of me that need firming up.  I am going to lift more weights at the gym, and when the weather gets nicer go for more walks.  This means I am going to start wearing my fitbit religiously and keep track of what I am putting in my mouth.  Being accountable to myself helps greatly and keeps me away from chips and chocolate when I don’t need it.  In fact I prefer fruits and veggies anyways.

House Stuff:

I would love to turn my back deck into a garden.  Cowboy and I didn’t use it all last year and I think it would be the perfect place to put some gardening stuff in where my dogs wont’ get at it.

I also want to build a bookshelf wall unit thing for downstairs across one entire wall.  We were just at a friends place and admiring what they had built in, and I think with a little research I could plan that out.


I really really want to pay off my credit card this year, however, I would settle for cutting it in half.  I plan on doing this by keeping putting on the regular payments, buying less books this year online, and reading what I already own.  And every day before pay day, transferring whatever I have in the black onto my credit card.

I also want to put some money aside for a trip for Cowboy and I, and I think I am going to use writing as a reward for this.  For every thousand words I write on my novel, I’m going to put a $1.00 aside into another bank account.  I know, that’s not a lot.  But it is something.  I have had 10,000 word days. If I was putting it $10.00 per 1K, that would be a $100.00 day.  And while that would be amazing, I don’t really have that kind of money either.  Wish I did, but I don’t.  See credit card above.

I think the list is manageable.  I think it is all things I could work on and achieve with some perseverance.  And all of the above stuff will make me a better person.  I hope.


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