Meat Sticks

I went to the gym today, and I thought it would be like ripping off a bandage with the way I had been avoiding it for various reasons that are both reasony and excuse like in nature.  But it was more like that place that I go that makes me feel good about myself and I can take deliciously long showers afterwards.  It was kind of awesome.

Over the holidays my back decided it was going on strike, and I mean I get how I got there (I had a bad chest cold and had to sleep propped up for several weeks, I stopped going to the gym, I had boob surgery and had to wear a sports bra for weeks on end for 24 hours a day.  Pretty much my middle upper back took a shit kicking).  And after going back to work and having my work station redesigned to be more ergonomically correct (think grammar but for your back), I started feeling lots better.  But not like all the way better.

I also looked up the best sleeping patterns for back issues.  What I really want is a massage table, because those things are like heaven on my back.  Pillows under your belly, and your legs, face down, arms resting on a stool in front of you.  It is such a great stretch.  Short of that though I have also discovered that your arms are these heavy meat sticks that do you no good when you are sleeping.  Mostly they get in the way, and if you put them under your pillow to tuck them out of the way, that’s like adding an extra ten pound weight on your back when you sleep.  Hence why I now refer to my arms as meat sticks when it’s bed time.

So the gym.  Where I restarted my couch to 5K app for the millionth time.  And did core exercises (also known as crunches and planks), and lots and lots of stretching.  Because I kind of love stretching a lot.  If you aren’t a fan, take a yoga class and they teach  you far better stretches then you ever learnt in highschool gym classes.  I would say no offence highschool gym class, but really those things where horrible acts of humiliation teached by the most incompetent dispassionate teachers I have ever had to endure.

Next week the goal is to hit up the gym before work, because I get this crazy sense of accomplishment and buzz happening about going to the gym and I would really like to spin that into going to work after, and liking myself more.  Also I see far more results if I do gym in the AM as opposed to the PM.

You know what I like about new years goals, there flexibility.  Some people say be specific, and I think specific can be good.  Or it could be like plotting for a book, no actually relevance once you are in the trenches and you can see that the mustard gas is coming and the wind is blowing the wrong way and that’s not how the plan was supposed to go but now you have to adapt.  I prefer the here is the general plan, but know the universe may not be on your side, and be adaptable and not so hard on yourself, but also know when to push yourself too.

Alright poppets.. who is your new years going so far?


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