The lies of High School – Flash Fiction

Once upon a time a girl and a guy where trying to make a baby, but high school science class totally lied regarding how easy it would be to mess up your life with a child.  No seriously, the stats are against you.  You must dance under the moonlight only on a Wednesday eve, clad in dragon scale, while drinking a cup of elderberry wine aged for a thousand years.  Those are the types of odds we are working with.  And sure people get pregnant all the time, and some not even on purpose, but when you start looking up why the heck it’s not happening, you start to realize that the odds are stacked against you.  And then you start looking at all those teenage trollops and think mean things at them, which is probably not fair at all, but your brain needs to hate someone, and it can’t be yourself.  Now normally once upon a time stories are supposed to end with happily ever after.  As the narrator I am completely aware of the promise I have set up and the book end you are expecting.  I don’t have it though.  Currently there is only try again, and some elderberry wine that needs to be hunted down.  And some high school teachers that need to be led like virgins to the dragon, because lets test that myth while we are it too.


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