June 3rd. Needs more Whiskey.

So I have a WIP in progress.

Don’t’ we all sighs every writer out there. 

And this one I have been working on for like 2 years.

Raises a glass with head bowed, every writer in the room. 

But this one I keep tinkering with because there is something about it that I can’t give up on.  Mostly though, I really need to finish something, edit it and feel like I have those skills down.  Because all of the other in limbo WIP are partials.  They get started and then I get confused and daunted by them.  I need to stop giving up on them and be committed.  I am great at beginnings, and middles are going okay for me.  Endings are a little shite, but this is why I have to do it.  So I can learn these skills.

Round of cheers go up from the commiserating writers in the room.   Beers slosh onto the floor.  We are all very drunk on this story.

Rally ho, my fellow authors, for there will be finishes manuscripts, shouts she from the top of the bar!!!

And now for some stats!

This project has roughly 90K to it.

Of that 75K is keep-able and 15 K is crap that I am tossing (okay it’s not badly written crap, it just doesn’t fit or is repetitive crap)

Of that 75K, 20K has been edited, and 35K is still waiting to be honed down.

Of that 35K that is still waiting to be honed down, more still might move to the crap folder.

And then there are the gaps and the reworking and the adding stuff.  I don’t know  how much that is going to be until all is said and done.  Maybe an extra 10K or so?  Who knows.  I think though we can roughly assume that this whole thing is going to stay at 75K or so.

And then I will have a finished novel.  Edited finished novel.

Which I will proceed to sit on while I go and write something else.  Then I will pull it out and read it through again, and see if I think it is still delightful and if I would like to torture my writing group with it.

So timelines for this………..

If I need to get through roughly 35K of crap.  Let’s say I can do 1K per hour editing.  Let’s say I do a minimum of 1 hour per day until I am done.  That is 35 days from now.

I can live with that.  100% I can live with that.  I want to do more than just 1K of editing a day.  But in just over a month from now I will have a finished manuscript.  That sounds pretty freaking wonderful!

That sets me up for June 3rd.

Takes deep breath, heads over to the bar, and does a shot of whiskey.  Okay ,I got this! 


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