I stand corrected, also why I suck at Math. HINT, if I don’t use a spreadsheet I don’t know basic math.

I stand corrected….

Because I went all numeracy last time,I was like you know what I need a spreadsheet.  So I made one.  And uh guys, I was a little off.  By like a LOT.  So not a little off but like a lot off.

See I’m using scrivener and to get word counts I thought the way I was selecting things was the correct way and it wasn’t.  Because the spreadsheet numbers were not adding up, and spreadsheets don’t lie.  Only human error does.

So I still have like 75 K on my novel written.  And 20K is definitely in the edited pile.  But the unedited pile, that’s a bit larger than I though.  Like 55 K larger.  And like simple Math could have totally told me that, but I was being willfully ignorant.

Therefore, at 1K editing per day that would give me a deadline of June 25.  I mean still, that’s not bad.  I can deal with that.  I can work with that.

But the truth is I want this done NOW!  Like yesterday kind of now.  So I’m going to still push for June 3rd if not sooner.

The spreadsheet will keep me on track.  It will make sure I do the thing I need to do.  Which is get this baby out by the end of the month.  It will be my NaNoEdMo.  Except with less wild spurts of paint everywhere and more clean up crew.

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