Day 3 of Editing

WIP Progress

This is a screenshot of the numbers I am keeping track of.  Part of me is thinking of graphing this eventually.  Lines maybe, bars?  I’ll leave it till I have more data and care to figure it out.  For now though I take comfort in the movement of words.  And there is movement all across the board.  As I cut things I’m adding things.  And those things need to be polished before moving them over to the edited side.  It feels slow, but the numbers tell me that I can do this.

On Friday I was working on a really large chunk of about 7K.  It was one of those pillars in my novel, an area where I had multiple things going on, so instead of moving it over piece by piece, I kept it all in a folder until it was ready to move over as a whole,and that resulted in me not moving it till Saturday.

Well today I get in and realize I needed to flush out a scene I had added, and I still need to add more to complete the section, so I start roughing out two new scenes.

And then I was reading through a folder of little snippets trying to figure out where they belonged in the larger arch of things and I found something, that I was like you, I remember you.  A) you are brilliant and B) I now know where you belong.

I’m looking at my week ahead of me and I know the only way I’m going to make it through and get the editing done is if I do it first thing when I come home from work, despite any chores that need to get tackled.  This is not my usual work ethic.  My usual work ethic is to do everything else first and use writing as a reward at the end of the day, one I am normally too tired to batt at,like a worn out kitten.  I should know better, know that that system doesn’t work.  But I keep going back to it, time and time again.  It’s a bad habit and one I intend on breaking this summer.  Plus if the dogs wait for walks that means it’s less hot out in the evening, better for there health.

Send good omens my way.  🙂


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