Premeditated victory dances.

Im editing right now on a weeknight.  something about this process makes me feel like it should be the weekend.  so I’m sitting here going, uh what day is it, oh yeah, tuesday!

what I’m realizing about my process is that I pick at things.  I rough out a scene or maybe the start of a scene.  Sometimes it’s dialogue, sometimes it’s an essence.  but my best scenes are always those that I revisit over and over and over again, that I keep going in to layer in more, and make sure the flow is right.  So as I draft new stuff to clog up the gaps and I’m going, why isn’t this as good as the rest, I have to keep telling myself it’s because I haven’t read it and played with it at least 100 times.  That his is only version one of this scene, and I haven’t yet layered everything in yet.  Give it time grasshopper.

Also as I refuse to move over a section scene by scene and only once that complete section is done, I am adding more words to the unedited area.  the edited area has remained stagnant. but oh by the end of this weekend, it will be BAM, there goes another 10 k to the edited side. don’t mind me while I do a viceroy dance.  That is a premeditated victory dance.  I owe myself a victory dance future me.

okay, so that’s me checking in for the day on this writing/editing process.


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