Maybe we should just go for a beer…

Last I posted I was obsessing about this Stephen  Amell guy who may or may not have played this Arrow person in a show called Arrow.  I had kind of taken to social media to speak out all his hiddyholes on the internets, but whatever.  Now in less than a month I am completely caught up on all three seasons of Arrow.  It might have gone faster if I didn’t have to work or be a responsible humane being.

Seriously finishing up the rest of the show was like a detox for me.  You might think it would make the obsession harder to overcome, but nope.  The TV show is filled with lots of brooding, which kind of looses its appeal after awhile.  Lots of do what I say, I am the leader of this group instead of respecting them as a team.  And lots of winning lines like, “I had no choice.” and “It’s complicated.”  Also I think I am team Felicity.  And I like her better with Ray. Ray is like a giant happy puppy.  And Oliver, is just like I am so conflicted and can’t open up about my feelings, Wally wally wally!!  I’m over it Olie.  Totally over it.

Which has cured me of Stephen Amell.  Dude I get it. It’s a roll, and you do what you can with what you are given.  But there was far less shirtless action in the third season, and that’s fine.  I’m a feminist and I know how I feel about pointless female nudity, so you sir don’t have to take your shirt off for me on screen.  I mean unless you want to.  Then that’s cool.

Somewhere along the line I have completed accepted the fact that Stephen and I are not soul mates.  He has a wife and kids.  And i have a hubby, and we (hubby and I just to be clear) are trying to reproduce.  And I really really like my life.  Like a lot, even though it’s not shinny and perfect, it’s mine you know.  I have worked and built this life, and I think it’s awesome to look back on it, and go yup, that’s mine.  I wouldn’t trade that for an easy pass with some famous person.

But dude, if you ever want to go out for a Beer and are in my area, I’m cool with that.  Bring the wife, and the kidlet, because I’m not there to poach on there territory.  And maybe the rest of the cast of Arrow and Flash, because I think I might just life to observe the after hours version of some great TV.


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