One foot in front of the other.

Someone on Adult Nerdfighters facebook group said there if a fallacy in western culture that we have bought into in regards to motivation.  That fallacy is that one must first have motivation before one can start the task.  That certainly helps, but it is untrue.  One can start the task and find momentum along the way and use that to catapult themselves forward.  This I needed to hear/read.  It is something I know, but hadn’t yet put into words.

Going to the gym in the morning sucks.  It sucks getting out of bed, and it sucks pushing yourself first thing in the morning.  But once I’m there, once I get started, even if it’s hard, I keep going because I’m there.  And at some point I hit this area where I’m like well this isn’t so bad.   And then afterwards, I’m like I gymed!! Before I did anything else that day, and I feel just so damned proud of myself.

Doing begets motivation.


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