I keep trying to pep talk myself into these changes ahead of us.  The things we must do in order to get by.  I keep saying look how busy you where in college, school full time, homework, projects, working part time, doing community theatre, and somehow you made it all balance.  It wasn’t easy and you had a few meltdowns along the way, but those look miner now.  Mere scraps and scratches you healed from.  But you have done more with less time, so maybe this change is a good thing.  Maybe this will push you forward and force you out of your shell.  Move you in a direction you keep looking at but have been too scared to follow.  Out of your comfort zone, there you go, and push yourself harder because there is more to you.

That is my pep talk.  Because the truth of the matter is we need to adapt.  The change.  To metamorphose in order to make this work.  It will not be comfortable.  But it will be possible  And I can do this.


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