The Stat’s Do Not Lie

A quick look at stats for my writing I have 60K in the completed folder, 30K left to edit, and 30K in the deleted folder.  I keep rewriting scenes, so I have duplicates like crazy that are all slightly different, and if you told me this was what writing was going to be like when I started I would have not believed you.  In fact I’m pretty sure I had read many blogs to this effect, to what writing is actually like, but until you go on that journey, it’s like none of that applied to you or had the context needed until you get to that road sign.  Oh so this is what is means that black ice ahead on this bridge, as my car slides sideways across it.  I see now.

Writing is one of those endeavours that until you do it, you just don’t know.  You think of it in a certain way.  That things will come out of your brain and land magically perfect on the page.  They don’t.  You think that every single word you write will be gold.  It’s not.  You think that you won’t need to rewrite.   You will.  You think you will write linear and everything will link magically together.  You jump all over the place, and have to go back and plant seeds.

Writing is crazy.  I love it to pieces.

And the thing is I read a crazy amount of blogs and how to’s by authors I loved before I started.  I read so much advise that it seamed contradictory when I started.  Then I shoved it all away and decided to go for it anyways.

And those things that contradicted themselves, all of them are true at different states.  Don’t edit as you go.  Edit as you go!  I do both. Both make sense.  Ask me to describe how and I can’t.  Sometimes it’s good to draft madly through things, but then you get to a point where you have to start cleaning it up and making sense of it, and filling in the wholes you have created, and this causes you to edit as you go.

Or don’t read what you already wrote.  Just keep going.  No start by reading what you already wrote.  Finish that scene before you leave for the day, no don’t finish that scene so you have a place to jump into.  It’s all great advice, and you have to know when these tactics work for you.

I’m glad I both read the things.  And I’m glad I decided to do it all anyways, and that things would be different for me.  There not. But had I not decided that, I might not have ever started.  Once you start though, either you decide it’s too much, OR you get addicted, and head strong and determined.  I’m the second option.

If I had to say anything to earlier me about this journey, I wouldn’t.  I think she made the write decision.  I just wish maybe she was a bit more dedicated, so at this point I might be further along.  It’s all good though. I will get through this, and I will decide on the next project and begin this crazy mad process all over again.

And now, back to the writing.


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