Because I have found my voice, even though it is but a whisper in a storm

I didn’t know what to say about the recent tragedy in Orlando. I wanted to look away and not process it.  Pretend it didn’t happen.  But that is not the truth.  It did happen.

I feel powerless in the face of these tragedies. I feel like my voice is of little consequence in the discussion.  My thoughts and prayers are not of value because:

  1. I don’t pray. I believe it a false sentiment meant to absolve you of any responsibility for taking further action. Gods may offer you comfort. But my belief is this, if God is true, then they are a jackass. How could such a tragedy befall us, if there was some omnipotent being looking out for us. And also who are you to judge one group of people from being better than another. Being more worthy of your love.
  2. My thoughts are not meant to support you and abnegate me from responsibility. My thoughts are those of outrage. My thoughts are those of disbelief. My thoughts are those of deep sadness. My thoughts are those of powerless ness as I sit here across the border in Canada, with no power to do anything regarding this tragedy.

My voice is nothing in this conversation, so I kept mute. But now, I can’t.  Now I know, even if I am but a whisper in the rage against a storm, I ask of you in a truly Canadian fashion, please do something about gun control.  Please stop offering only your thoughts and prayers as a way to absolve yourself from responsibility.  Please step up and do something more.  You can do more, and you have to stop hiding behind your beliefs like they will solve the issue.  They have not.   They have created the problem.  Reassess.  Adjust, and do something.

Guns have not stopped the problem. Guns do not make you safe.  They are a false sense of security.  Remove them from the equation.  Please.

This post was inspired by John Scalzi, who said it better than I did. Please read his post.  Please see the culmination for what it is.  They are not separate incidents.  You have created a culture where shooting people because you don’t agree with them is the solution, and you have absolved them with thoughts and prayers.

Stop sitting idly by.

Do something.

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