Blog style VS book style VS work style

So I did a personality test the other day, and by other day you understand some unrecognizable time in the past, that I can still remember I did it, but just not when, and it said something along the lines of me having the personality type of INTJ (I cheated I found the facebook post)…

For reference this is where I took the quiz:

And this was the interpretation for writers:

And because I am me, I’ve cut out the relevant bit for me:

INTJ: Some of them write how-to books on conquering the world or analyses of influential leaders in history. But then there the INTJs who write poetic-like pieces that are at once to-the-point and elegant in style.

This is it. This is why my blog posts read sometimes like how to manuals because I am using a very analytical part of my brain, and why my books have all these feelings and poetry in them to describe stuff.  And I think why can’t I marry the two of them, and be this prolific writer who has a clear voice like Chuck Wendig, but not him, because his style is clearly his own, and while I appreciate who pronounced said style is, I know it is not my style.

At work, I’m very analytical.  I am problem solving focused.  That means I don’t get to use my flowery writing skills. I am disseminating information.  I must figure out how to break it down in a clear and concise manner, with logical flow.

But books. Sure they need logical flow, but they also need chaotic mess, and from that depths curls out the smoke of the sleeping dragon.  They need feelings and human experience, and that my friends is not clean.  It is messy.  It is paint splatter on the walls, and broken cages where hearts used to lie.  It is bones made up of books and fairy tales.  It is anomalies to the space time continuum that change entire landscapes and pulses.

And here on this blog, I flit between the two.  I’m trying to meld two different styles.  One with logic, and one with creative flow.  So excuse me while my kitchen (and by kitchen you understand I mean blog) is a bit of a mess.  I’m never sure if I will be able to capture and force together those opposites.  It’s like writing a kissing scene in a novel, where you have spent the entire novel not letting them kiss, and now it’s like, nope, we are not doing this thing.

Also I highly recommend that windbag Chuck Wendig.  He’s funny, but rambly and long.  And offensive.  But clearly has style out the wazoo.


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