You may not be political, but you should (from someone who hates politics)

I’m going to do a thing, which I normally don’t do, and I’m going to talk Politics here.  Mostly because I have been thinking about Brexit and the US Campaign.

Some background…. I’m Canadian.  That means that even when we are conservative, we are still a little liberal.  We can have people in relationships with opposing politic viewpoints and still have them be functional.  We do not define who we are based on our politics, or who we associate with based on our politics.  For the most part we try to be open minded and understanding, even when we disagree.  Those are some broad brush strokes I’m taking there,  but for the most part it’s true.

So this past fall we voted.  For Prime Minister. And we got Justin Trudeau.

I’m going to be hella honest with you, I come from a union town, so it would make sense for me to vote NDP.  However, I am from a younger generation worried about our future priorities, and so I also have a personal fondness for the Green Party, even though they barely qualify for representation.  My thought in voting Green in the past, has been, how they will ever grow if those who support them throw their vote in another pot, because they don’t have the base they need yet.  We have to stand behind them to give them that base.

But this past political season I took a look at the landscape and made a strategic decision.  I voted based on who I didn’t want in, and who would be most likely to beat that person.  I did not want a return to Harper.  I voted for Justin.   And by golly did this work.  I followed as the votes came in, following the numbers to see how the different areas in the country went.

I DO NOT FOLLOW POLITICS.  As a rule of the past, that has been how it went.  Politicians lie and they never get anything done.  However, I can see now, as I a more mature adulty like person, that politics are complicated, and to get anything done requires a lot of people to pull in the same direction, and with personal agenda’s taking play, that can be very hard.  We are supposed to be voting in people who have the good of the people at heart, but I think that system is a bit skewed.  What they have in mind is the good of their own agendas, and we can just hope that their agendas are actually our agendas.  So mostly in the past, I have steered clear, doing the minimum amount necessary, like voting.  Because I still believe in voting.

This past voting season is where it got real for me.  I was fed up and I wanted change.  I have so far been impressed at what Justin has accomplished, and the direction he is taking us in, and his reaction to tragedies as they come up.  He has been very public, and comes across as a person for the people.

So we did it.  We got change.

But Brexit happened, and they came down so hard on the opposite side of the line from where we are.    They took their vote, and some casted votes as a lark, thinking that surely it wouldn’t go through so what would it hurt to vote for something they didn’t truly support. It hurt.  Thank you Scotland though for seeing clearly, and understanding that you have a voice.

And we have this situation south of the border from us, where it looks like it’s going to be a Hillary Vs. Trump situation.

And I just want you to take a moment and look at historical evidence from the global political market in recent history (this past year).  You can vote for change – Example Canada.  We voted strategically and it worked.   Do not throw your vote away on a lark – Example British, and they haven’t even enacted the terms of their leaving yet.  They just voted on it, and things came crashing down.

I know our victory was quieter because we were successful and things didn’t go horribly wrong.  It’s easy to forget that your neighbours, Canadians, recently voted for change and won successfully, because things are relatively smooth sailing up here.  But those are the people you want to look to.  The ones who aren’t splashing all over the media pages because of their tragedies.   You want to know, what are we doing right.  You want to figure out that formula and emulate as much as possible (I mean if that’s what you’re into).

It is more than just a reality TV show you are watching.  This is the future of your country and generations to come.  We want to set them up for success.  Success is a long term game, not a short term game, and we need to start looking at our politics in that light.

So that is my political rant.  Be wary of how you vote and the consequences of that vote.  You can vote for change.  You do matter.


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