On a Whim but with a Bang!

A long long time ago, I can still remember, how those tweets they used to make me feel.

I could see them authors having conversations back and forth

and be like I wish I where in that group.

Yesterday was amazing.  On a whim and a tweet my bestie Aura and I got in the car and drove 8 hours round trip to go to an author singing and chat.  To be fair we knew 2 out of 5 from previous interactions at Ad Astra, and thought they where the bees knees and so it was an easy enough decision to make for what did we want to do on a Saturday.

Summer had been slow and our writing group kept saying yes lets meet, and then no progress was made after that.  We where floating in limbo and so was my WIP.  My life is in the midst of falling apart around me, and Cowboy and I are in survival mode, trying to make things work. Cowboy and my relationship is fine FYI. It’s a finances thing due to lack of employment and that is always always always stressful.  ALWAYS!

So this adventure was an escape and a whim and it was so worth it.  The reading was great.  Finding out that most writers are Slytherin sooth my Slytherpuff heart.  See I want to be Hufflepuff.  They seam happy and peaceful and kind.  But like when shit gets real, it’s my Slytherin that comes out.  That shoulder set, teeth grinding determination, that says, screw you, I’m better than this, WATCH ME!  If I take a test for houses, and I’m having a great day, I come out Hufflepuff.  If I take a test and I’m having a really challenging day I come out Slytherin.  Slytherin is my problem solving resolve.  Although all of that is a digression.

The real gold of all of this, was being invited to the inner sanctum.  We drove, we watched, we got books signed, then we went for coffee Aura and I to regroup (Chapters in Canada all have Starbucks attached).  We where chilling figuring out that we needed food, and maybe a stop at a makeup store now that we where here.  And then it happened, I kept popping up in the middle isle to see about going for a photo, but was waiting for the crowd to dissipate.  I didn’t want to hold up the line.  I saw there where a few people left, went back to use the bathroom, and then Emily found me.  She asked if we have to go back right away, and if we wanted to go out for food.

Look I tried to play it cool, I really really did.  But on the inside I was doing cartwheels.

Twitter seams to be a writing orgy.  Although to be fair that is how I have structured my feed.  All authors all the time.  And one of the things I’ll notice is the great dialogue back and forth, but also the personal relationships that have formed.  These people rose of the ranks together and are crit partners, and OMG how do I get to be Laini Taylor’s crit partner?  There is no how to manual for how this happens.

One of these days this will be my writing group.  We will make it.  We will be that envy.  That inner sanctum.  But on the outside looking in, it’s a kid with their nose pressed to the candy store glass, except the door to get in is more elusive, and doesn’t have a bell.

Yesterday, we found the door.  Yesterday, the bell rang.  Yesterday, we sat in the presence of greatness and ordered drinks and had food, and fangirled over the new Ghostbusters.  I told a story how a house I lived in was held together by spiders.  I kept telling myself to sit, and be quiet, and just enjoy, but at the same time, I wanted to participate, and inevitably I stuck my foot in my mouth.  I know it.  I can play it back in my mind in slow motion.  For that I am sorry.

Yesterday, I got to sit with this amazing bunch.  One of these days, I’ll be the one who has the book out there, and oh please do remind me to invite someone out to dinner, because it will make their day.

On a whim we went, and for the signing alone, it was worth it.  But this, this right here, is where I want my life to be.  If ever I needed some more fuel for the fire to burn that bonfire bright and get the WIP finished, this was it.  This is what I needed.  I can still remember

Going around the table starting on the right at the top we have:

Roshani Chokshi – Met for the first time and is an absolute delight, and was fangerling so hard, I definitely stuck my foot in my mouth in her presence.  I am so sorry.

Leah Bobet – who I had previously met at Ad Astra when she was writing short stories, and didn’t yet have a novel.  This woman is fierce, and unapologetically herself.

Emily Kate Johnston – Also met previously at Ad Astra, and followed around to all her panels like a lost puppy because she knows books, and fangirls over them in a way that makes me want to read anything she gets behind.  Also her books are delightful and you should all read them.  Her Owen books are unapologetically Canadian.

Aura Roy – my co conspirator for the day and writing bestie.  One day, it will be her and I on a panel like this.  Also my book dealer, because she works at a bookshop, and I am suggestible.

Erin Bow – not on the panel for the day, but whose book I picked up because of Emily’s fingirling (from previous ad astra) and an imported Canadian from America.  Also great stuff.

Now to the left side of the table, working our way up from the back.

Person who came with Erin who lives in the area and is super nice, and also I think an imported Canadian from America, who I can’t remember her name for the life of me.  HELP!

Me: The girl in the green dress with the pin curls, who said some silly things because her brain short circuited in the presence of greatness, but was so freaking happy to be there.  Also trying to write a book, and hope to be published.

Ryan Graudin – who I met for the first time who also fangirls Laini Taylor and Maggie Steifvater, and if you read the description for her books they are totally quirky, but also really well written (her books where nominated to be the car read books, I drive Aura reads out loud.  It’s a good system).

Another person who is wearing a green dress who I did not catch her name, but I think is Emily’s friend.  There was some gorgeous lace on the back of that dress.

Lindsay Smith – who first came out as Slytherin, and was delightful to chat with at the end.  Who I also met for the first time, and also likes musicals.  The correlation of things she likes that I also like, make me want to be her best friend so hard!

When we where leaving I was going to give out handshakes because I didn’t want to be up in anyones space, but I got hugs, and OMG!!!!!!!  Guys, this summer has kicked my ass, but this at the end of it, it was amazing.  This is what I want my life to be.  This is part of the motivation I needed.

Off to go make clicky noises on my keyboard until this thing is done.  And then onto the next thing.  It will be a writing thing.



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