The Cold that Lived.

On this Friday a random list in no particular order:

  1. Last weekend I was like I am going to work on my novel. But then Cowboy had a band thing Friday night, which meant we stayed out till 4am, and didn’t get to bed till 5am, so I natural slept in till 2pm and then, I had a soar throat, and then I decided to clean my house from top to bottom because it was in desperate need of some TLC, and then Sunday when I woke up I was SICK. Full on head Cold. Sinuses so backed there was much pain and some crying. So you can imagine I got zero writing done.
  2. The rest of the week was also a write off for writing, because head colds are not a simple thing for me. They are a take you down and make you pay kind of event for your life choices.
  3. Last night though, I was feeling like I had a brain, and thought yes, me the novel and some dinner and cough syrup.
  4. Then Cowboy was like Band Practice is cancelled, did you want to watch Iron Man Vs. Captain America (alternative titles for this is Captain America, Civil War.)
  5. I watched a movie.
  6. This weekend though! I am going to WRITE!!!!!!!
  7. Maybe.
  8. Hopefully.
  9. We’ll see.

One thought on “The Cold that Lived.

  1. I started the very next day with a terrible head cold. It was Hubby’s turn to be out of town that week, and original plans were simply “yes! I have the house to myself and I can do ANYTHING!” and ended up spending every moment of it on the couch with sudafed and a box of tissues.

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