All the feels…

You know how you can have moments in your life where you want to hold onto them and keep them inside of you like a special secret that belongs only to you, and at the same time you want to shout it from the rooftops. That’s me.  Right now.

I did it.

I finished a novel.

Draft zero was a hot mess of disorganization, and overwriting, and underwriting, and large plot holes you could lose yourself in. Editing that into the first draft, into a coherent whole, that someone else could look at.  That’s where it took the most time, the most determination.  I’m good at making draft zeros.  I have lots of those skeletons in my closet.  Hot messes who deserve more, but that I can’t give more to at this time.

But this is the first draft one. The first draft one where I have cut out the bits that don’t work.  Where I have filled in the blanks.  Where I have a cohesive storyline from start to finish.   All of those words sound so mechanical, for the heavy lifting that was done.

This draft was like solving a complex math problem, with logic and poetry.

Guys, I did the thing.

I fucking did it.

More thoughts later….

I’m still in shock.


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