Quarterly Goals – Jan to March


Alright so now you all know my goals for the year, but I’m gonna channel some Jenna Moreci, and break them down a bit further.  I’m going to do Quarterly goals, and then break them down a bit further – kind of, but maybe not here, maybe more in a long epic to do list.  Shrugs.

This Quarter:

  • I want to build up videos for a Vlog (not sure about when I want to start posting yet – depends on the learning curve).
  • I will be able to run for 10 minutes.
  • I will have half a draft of Paris Above completed.

I know those are three HUGE things.

So let’s break it down a bit further.


I’ve watched a lot of you tubers over the years, so I have an idea of style, and content, and stage presence, scheduling of vlogs, and script writing.  I feel like I have a good handle on that, and how I want to proceed.   What scares the bejeebers out of me is video editing.  I see fancy jump cuts and I’m like, how?  and how many takes will I need?  And how will I get through the script, without reading from a page, oh wait I’m totally going to read from the page, because spoilers, my style of vlog, is story time kind of style, and having a big ol book, like to read from, that looks like a grimoire, would be hella cool.

I’m going to try and spend some time each weekend, once my hubby goes back to work, filming, and learning to edit.  I want to learn, before I start publishing immediately online.  So the first couple of months, are going to be about learning.  I want to hit publish on my first video by my birthday, which is at the beginning of March.

Running 10 Minutes:

Really we are going to start, by wearing that damned fit bit and remembering to get up and move, instead of sitting on my but.  And drinking more water.

Then I’m going to start making it to the gym 3 times a week.  That is half the battle right there.  After successfully getting the showing up badge, I’m going to start on my couch to 5K app again, for the umpteenth time.  Eventually I want to transition this to gym in the morning before work, but if I can just get in a regular habit, that would be amazing.

Paris Above:

During NaNoWriMo the goal is to write 50K in a month.  I know I can do this.  But I also know it’s not a very clean 50K.  It needs a lot of TLC and mending afterwards.

I want a cleaner draft than anything I’ve ever written before, which means going slow.  It means taking my time.  Originally i want to have the complete rough draft of Paris finished by the end of this quarter, but if I make it halfway there that would be awesome.  I’m going to try doing this by writing 2500 words a week.  That’s 500 words a day, except for Sunday’s, because I don’t work on Sundays (personal rule, and is good for the soul).   Or I can just do one big writing day, which also works well for me.


This is going to require a lot more micromanaging to juggle all of the variables.  Certainly I could get it done if I wasn’t working.  But alas.

I know I am a monster with a todo list, so I can definitely break down the minute details as needed.  I’m going to leave it open though for now.

I’ve also started bullet journaling, and one page a day.  I want to have a personal log of the year, in a format that work for me.  I love to do lists, so bullet journaling really appeals to me, but I think in the long run, I might stick with Google Docs for my to do lists, as they tend to get long and epic, and I move things fluidly around as needed.  Thought he bullet journal is a great, don’t forget this overall thing, and P.S. you did all of this today, feel proud.

I will definitely check in with you at the end of this quarter to let you know how it’s going.  I’m also going to try and make sure I blog once a week here.  I’m going to experiment with scheduling rather than the instant gratification of post now.  That way I will have some consistency which is always nice to look forward to as a content consumer.


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