A night of Hygge


The Danish do Hygge in the winter. Though it’s supposed to be pronounce Hoo-gah?  It’s the idea of cozying up in winter, and taking care of yourself.  Making time for friends, and activities that suite the season.  It’s a season of self care.  And it’s something I have been actively practicing every winter for a while now.  Finding those things that make winter comfortable, and finding things to appreciate the season with.

Last night was definitely a night of Hygge.

I came home from work, and was greeted by Cowboy throwing open the door and the dogs barking at me from the front step. I thought they were saddled up (had their harnesses on) for a walk.  They were not, and a part of me was relieved.  I have been working extended hours at work with shortened breaks, and my brain was kind of melted, and I was thinking about what I wanted to get done.  I was trying to put up the windshield wiper blades on both our vehicles because it was a snow storm, and I thought with Cowboy being sick, and him having to go out back to work the next day, and that being a long drive for him, I would do him this kindness.  Except I’m trying to do this while my dogs where being ridiculously stinking cute, and making sure they don’t wander off the porch to run away.

When I get inside finally, Cowboy had started super, and I could have cried with joy. Did I mention I was working long days?  Look, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I would rather a clean kitchen and a good meal than a bouquet of flowers on a hard day.  I want to be taken care of.

Except then Cowboy wanted to take the dogs for a walk. In the snow storm.  This is where I needed to dig deep.  I had to go past the day I had, and think about Cowboy, and the dogs.  Cowboy was going back to work, he will be gone for two weeks straight.  He won’t get to do this for those two weeks.  Spending time with our dogs taking them on adventures is such an integral part of who we are as a couple.  I considered Rory’s health, as she has been having back problems, vs, how much they love going for a walk, especially in a snow storm.

The walk won. It was 45 minutes of gusting snow in my face trusting that my dogs new the way, because I could barely see the trail in front of me.  They snuffled out the way, faces dug into the snow, using their hound instincts to the max. It felt like I was one of the first Canadian explorers, challenging the wilderness.  It was quite the adventure, and needless to say all parties enjoyed themselves immensely, even me who had to dig deep.  It is truly strange and beautiful to be out in the middle of a snowstorm, especially this one where there was thunder and lighting.

Arriving at home there was the snow shake in the landing, the toweling off, the glasses fogging. I could tell Rory was feeling the walk, so I made sure I fed her and Rosco right away, and I got some anti-inflammatory and pain medication into her.  She really doesn’t like the medication, and tries to fight the drowsy side effects, but she really does need it some days.  We got her situated comfortably on a couch downstairs.  She curled up beside me as we were having super, because when her issue was really bad, I was the one playing nurse maid, and had her beside me, and for her, that’s just comfort.  Mommy will look after her.

Super was bacon and home fries, and beans, and scrambled eggs, and cucumber and cheese, oh my was it glorious. We watched the last of Mindy, and we watched a movie afterwards, and I coloured, and it was just the coziest evening.  It was the perfect evening for Cowboy and I and the dogs.  A good hike, some good food, some good tv.  If that was my life from now until eternity, I would call it pretty damned charmed.

And not once did I think last night about the 500 words I didn’t write. I know how super important it has been for me to ensure that I write every day. It’s important because I want this year to be my year, the year I polish a WIP, the year, I look for an agent, the year I take this dream to the next level.  But what I need is a manageable way of getting there.  500 words a day make showing up easy, make it not daunting, make it totally attainable.  I should be beating myself up over missing this goal.  And yet last night, the night before Cowboy left to go back to work for two weeks, it felt right to just spend that time with loved ones.  It felt right to enjoy their company, and just be.

Sometimes we push ourselves, and some days we recover. Yesterday was a day of recovery and nurture, and there is no way you can convince me to regret that at all.

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