The Resistance is NOW


I used to think I wasn’t political, but it was because politics seamed so far removed from me.  They talked about issues that I didn’t yet have the years behind me to appreciate.  I took for granted the work that had come before me, things like socialized health care and education. The right for women to vote.  I took for granted that because I already had them I was never in fear of loosing them, and I was satisfied with what I had.  I didn’t take into consideration the effort it took for me to have those rights. And that if people hadn’t done the work before me, I wouldn’t be enjoying them.

I used to think politics was too complicated.  Too slow.  Too full of pandering.  No real action. Or rather insignificant action.  I hadn’t yet had to balance a budget in my life, and didn’t know how challenging money could be to effect the changes needed.  I didn’t know about the time it would take to get all of these different rallying forces to agree.  I didn’t know the complexities that needed to be considered in order to make our concerns a reality.

By virtue of my birth, I have the remarkably good fortune to be Canadian.  I am a white girl in Canada, born of the middle class.  I have a steady job, that is unionized.  I own a house, vehicles, and pets.  I have healthcare, and am college educated.  In short, I am pretty damned privileged.

Have I told you all how much I love books.  I read.  A lot.  More than the average, but not as many as some.  One of my key areas of interest is YA.  I went through a faze where I was addicted to Dystopia.

Here is the part where I start to get controversial.  So let me be clear, Trump is an idiot, and everything he has done so far, scares the shit out of me.  I see the ripple effect his actions have.  I see how it gives those who already have hate and vitriol in there hearts the feeling like they can lash out and are justified and those in charge are on their side.  That’s a fucking scary thing dudes.

BUT from an author perspective this is the rising.  This is what is needed in a Dystopian landscape to effect change.  You need the truly awful to get the forces to rally.

Because before this, most of you where like me.  Content to be happy with what we had.  Content to accept the status quo.  Content to let whatever power rose up, also fall, because they could only be there for a max of 8 years.  But 8 years, is a lot of time to really fuck shit up.  How long did the world wars last?  And where did those seeds get planted?

We have lived through history.  Some quote it as a way of saying this too shall pass.  They ask how truly bad it could be?  Here is the truth: fucking bad.  It can get really fucking scary.  It starts small, but it starts.  And we can complacently sit back and say well we can accept this, it isn’t truly that bad.  Or we can see it for the ripples it is.  If we accept this, then what do we accept next?  We can see the extrapolation of what is to come.

I am a writer, and that is what my brain is trained to do.  It takes a what if situation and it logically carries it out to the end.  I have read enough dystopians to see this through.  To see how the seeds are planted.  What is going on now, and where this can lead.

I hate that this is happening.  I truly do.  But maybe, just maybe, this is what is needed.  Maybe we all sat too complacently back.  Accepted  the status quo.

We needed a rallying point, and lo we have it.  It’s straight up out of fiction, but dudes this is real.  This is so real.

My twitter is full of politics.  It is full of stories that have me crying.  It is full of how the people are pushing back.  It is full of people standing up saying this is not right.  It is full.  It is not a safe place.  I’m not asking it to be.  It is a rallying cry.  A place for people to quickly come to action and exchange information and insight.

As much as I like a good happily ever after and all ends well in my stories, this one is going to be full of a lot more plot twists before he is out of office.  This one is going to be filled with a lot more downs, before we see the end.  It’s going to be hard, and it’s going to be tough.  It’s going to demand a lot out of you.  It’s going to require you to dig deep.  To stand up and shout.  I’m glad of those of you who are shouting.  For those of you who are rallying.

You are all stitches in my books.  You add up to make something greater, bigger, together.  Keep knitting one stitch at a time. Keep resisting the executives orders as they come.  Your outrage is not invalid.  It is needed.

In the mean time, I’m going to be looking at what I can do here.  I’m going to be considering what I need to do here, to ensure that this doesn’t happen here.  To ensure that the Canada I know, and love, and am proud of, remains the Canada the rest of the world sees and appreciates.

We, the people, will be the resistance.

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