Where I Stand on the Issues

This is your get out of jail free card.  If you are not here for the politics, I won’t be offended if you scan on by this post.  It’s cool. I understand.  Politics are everywhere, and some of you just need cute animal pictures.  I have provided some above (of my two stinky bassets), and hope that will sustain you. Heck I need cute animal pictures.

So if you make it to the end, and want to share some cute animal pics, that would be great.  Also if you want to share ideas on how to help – I want those too, but keep it respectful and on point, please and thank you.

Now if you are staying, this is a doozy of a post.  It’s longer than I thought it was going to be, because once I started, it turns out I had a lot of concerns ticking about in my head.  It feels good to get them out on to the page, where I can see them.  Where I can reflect on them.  Where I can ruminate on them.  Where others can help me navigate the waters in the areas I want to effect change.

As a follow up to last weeks rallying cry, I thought I should be a bit more transparent in where I stand on the issues. Not just a resist the regime, because they are the power, but because I don’t support their policies. I am Canadian, but the US is going through some shit right now.  They are my neighbours and I’m concerned for them.  Therefore, some of this is criticism on changes I would like to see for them, some is criticism on Canadian issues, some of it is both.

Okay, I think I have provided you all with sufficient warning, so if you are still here, it’s because you have chosen to be.

Here is the list:

  • LGBTQ+ are human rights.  Period.
  • I am Pro-Choice.
  • Those who are Pro-Life, I could only support your POV if you provided better support for the following: maternity leave, free child care, socialized medicine, a better education system (this is largely in response to the US, because a lot of this is taken care of in Canada).  Until you fix those things, your position is moot.  You are pro save a fetus, but not provide any real support once it’s a life out of the womb.  SHAME ON YOU.  If you want to march for pro-life, then you get to adopt every single child someone would choose an abortion over.  Oh you don’t have the financial responsibility for it, too bad, that’s your choice to save a fetus.  And those who don’t support abortion from a medical perspective, are just fucking ignorant.  Moms who have to abort for medical reasons WANTED those kids.  It is truly fucking heartbreaking for them, and you protesting on their behalf is about your ego, not their rights.
  • I have socialized health care.  Everyone should have it.  You shouldn’t have to make financial decisions about your health.  No one should have that additional stress on top of a shitty situation. I want better socialized health care, and can see areas we need still improve. But overall, I’m glad I have what I have.
  • Both Canada and the US where formed on immigration.  We stole the land we claim as ours.  If you are pro tighter immigration laws and closing of borders, you are a fucking hypocrite.  Unless of course you are aboriginal, in which case I see your point, but have some complex ideas and feelings about it.  So many of our great minds, came from allowing asylum to those who sought it here.  I can understand your concern for letting in a different standard of mores.  It can be scary hearing about other world cultural practices, because some of them are quite outdated.  But we are here to give people the opportunity to learn another way.  We have laws in place that protect us against criminal activity.
  • Aboriginal rights.  You deserve better.   You are placed on parcels of land, with no infrastructure to support growing an economy.  In short you are placed out of sight, out of mind.  Your resources are slim.  However, it saddens me when they show videos of places that you can clearly see no pride of ownership is taken.  That the walls are dirty, and bathrooms are broken.  Asking for a handout doesn’t resolve the social issues.  Setting up better housing, doesn’t mean it won’t eventually deteriorate again.  The problem is complex and multifaceted.  I hear you.  However, how do we help in a manner that will provide long term change and sustainability, not just band aid solutions?
  • Separation of Church and Government.  Your first amendment US, and yet when I read it, it sounds a lot like the government can’t regulate your beliefs. However, I wish for the opposite clause, that your beliefs should not regulate the government.  Separation of Church and State needs to be more clear.  If the government allows abortion, that is not them taking away your religious beliefs.  You can still choose to not have an abortion.  They are not forcing you to have one.  But if you lobby against abortion for others, you are taking choices away from others who need it.
  • Gun Control.  I didn’t understand gun control when it was coming down the pipes in Canada.  I think I was in grade school at the time. Mostly I didn’t understand it because in my community guns where for hunting and we all understood that, and we didn’t need them to protect ourselves.  So the gun control seamed rather silly on something that we where already pretty good at.  Now that I’m older, I’m glad someone had the foresight to get on that.  Seeing what is going on in the states, holly shit am I ever happy about gun laws here in Canada.
  • Science is fact.  Scientific discovery needs to be shared. Science is not subject to your feelings or religious POV.
  • Global Climate change is real.  Stop pretending it’s not because you don’t like how it’s going to change the economic landscape.  Learn to be forefront leaders in this area.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Find innovate technology and change your economic landscape based on this.  There is still room for growth, but that means that other older ways of doing things need to fall.  We need to shift our focus, like changing gears with a clutch, slowly release one, as we engage another.
  • Legalize Marihuana.  I’m on the fence about this last one, but from an economic standpoint it’s a revenue source we are missing out on.  We need to balance our budgets and find additional streams of revenue.  This is undocumented revenue source we could be taping into.  We would need to come up with ways to regulate it, the same way we have for alcohol consumption – re-drinking and driving.  However, overall, it’s a thing.  People do it.  Stop wasting resources on criminalizing it.  (I won’t be taking up this habit, as I have scene first hand the paranoia and lack of motivation this causes.  However, I won’t stand in your way either if that’s how you choose to live your life.) Also, this is totally on my Canadian list of TO DO’s.
  • Paternity leave in Canada (but also everywhere).  We have it pretty good here.  We can split it amongst mom and dad. However, if both want to take it at the same time, only one of them is paid for it. As I’m from Ontario, I’m just going to link you over here (http://www.unassumingbanker.com/2015/08/19/how-to-take-paternity-and-maternity-leave-at-the-same-time/) , as they say it better than I can.  What I want is for both parties to get paid, at the same time, without anyone of them having to go back to work early because they’ve tapped into the resources needed to maintain financial stability during this time.
  • Free childcare.  Other countries have it, or something similar.  You want to experience population growth, then you need to make it financially possible for those willing to have kids.  I would have four if I could.  I’m not going to because of budgetary constraints.  People are basing  family planning on budget limitations.  Other countries do this, so should we. (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/parenting/what-the-world-can-teach-canada-about-building-better-daycare/article15036667/?page=all)
  • Better Sex education.  As female having gone through our education system, it is filled with fear mongering and shame.  I propose a much more french insight. Basing this on the Michael Moore Documentary Where to Invade Next (though I don’t agree with his style, the insight on how these other countries are doing things, is a good starting point for how the rest of the world could be doing better).
  • A better financial system.  See Michael Moore’s Documentary: Where to Invade Next. (I watched with hubby, and while I don’t like Moore’s style, the information behind it was enlightening).
  • Free education – period.  Whether it’s university, or college.  No matter your age, no matter your income.  No application or hoops to jump through.  Taken care of up front.
  • Cleaner energy sources.  Renewable energy sources. In general, how do we be more green?
  • How do we improve the situation for those who are in poverty or are homeless?  What is the true crisis there and how do we better respond to it?  How do we decrease poverty and meet the needs of those who find themselves in this situation?  What type of resources are needed?  Mental health facilities?  Detox facilities? We have them, but how do we leverage them to greater effect?  Can these people be helped into a better future?  Some are so unwell they don’t have the fortitude to go through programs that could provide them help.  We are supporting basic human needs with shelters, and food, but can further improvements happen.  What is our responsibility to them?  It’s frustrating because largely we want them to also want to help themselves.  And there are those who do want to help themselves.  But there are those, who don’t have the motivation, and there is a feeling of why are we wasting resources.  What is the balance?
  • Job growth and creation for those who only have high school level education.  They should still be able to be part of the middle class. The middle class is shrinking.  We need to respond to this.
  • While we have seen improvements to minimum wage, we have also scene increasing costs to living.  We need to find a way to balance income with cost of living.

Okay, those are my areas of concern. They are complex.  I don’t know how to resolve them.  I realize we are slow moving ship, and that changing course of action will take some time.  I realize we need to prioritize, both on a time and a funding perspective.

I know I can’t personally tackle each of these issues.  I don’t have the time, resources, or mental fortitude for it.

What I am going to do will seam small.  It will seam so incredibly small, compared to my list.  However, it’s a start, and I’m willing to invest in small changes, as they build together for greater change.  I’m a knitter.  I believe in one stitch at a time adding up.

This year, I’m going to focus on being more green.

  • Shop at my eat local at least once a month.  This will help with local economic growth, and global issues in regards to climate change.  It’s small, but if we all did this, it could be a real change.
  • Plant some produce at home. I want a really big garden, but it’s sort of overwhelming to get started.  So I’m going to start small, and grow my garden each year.  I’m going with one stitch at a time here.
  • Get a rain barrel.  If I’m going to have a garden, I’m going to need to water it, and I should be willing to use the resources that I have to sustain this.

I want to do more, but I really need to ruminate on where my time and money can be best spent.    I want to pick a big cause, one that’s not just about me, but about others, to get involved in.  I just haven’t met that challenge yet.  I’m going to keep myself open to the possibilities, and really examine how best I can help.  However, if anyone suggests fundraising for a cause, I don’t feel like that’s the best response to the social issues outlined above. Unless you can provide me with one, that feeds measurable change on the issues above. Fundraising feels like such a  band aid solution some times.   Every one has a walk or a run, but where are the resources truly going?  It feels like every cause is shouting louder than the next, asking for more, and the real question is, where is the change?

This is what it means to be an adult and care for our coming generation.  It means we look at our issues, and how we can set up future generations for success.  This is not an easy list.  It is filled with complex questions, and multifaceted issues.  It requires many minds, and a lot of resources.  It requires us to work together and to listen.  It’s not an easy challenge.

Alright, thanks for listening/reading, I’ll get back to the regular on writing posts.  It’s just been a heavy time lately.  We are in a position of change, and I’m looking at where I fit into that, and my responsibilities.


One thought on “Where I Stand on the Issues

  1. Thank you for being courageous and posting your views on very controversial topics. I, a fellow Canadian, share many of the views you have stated above and also share your confusion on how to be a part of the major changes that need to happen. I can empathize with the lack of direction in making change and also agree that fundraising isn’t always the best avenue. Personally, I’m taking the route of attending Town Hall meetings and making connections with those who are directly affected by an issue and also networking with the people who have some decision-making power in the solutions. If you have the time, I highly recommend this approach!

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