Nevertheless She Persisted


The context it was said, was meant to shut someone up, when they didn’t want to hear their opinion.  It was mean to punch down.  It was meant to silence.  It was meant to tell them they are not good enough.

This is a statement you hear a lot growing up as a girl.  Maybe not in those words, but in a thousand other ways. In a thousand other actions.

I remember being told I was equal.  That I had just as much right.

Yet when I wanted to join hockey I wasn’t allowed.  I had to take figure skating instead.

It’s in the ways you are told to sit there and be quit, your words aren’t valued, your opinion holds no value.  It’s in the way, the women magazines tell you you are only of value if you look a certain way.  It’s in the way that we are marketed to, that we only like pink and princesses and barbies.  It’s in the way that men are told to be strong and not show emotion, and that emotion is weakness because women show it.  It’s in the way I was told not to make decisions with emotions, that thinking with my heart, was the wrong way to go.  That I had to think more analytically.  The way you are marginalized for having feelings, or an opinion that differs from the person who thinks they have the power.  Oh she’s just a girl, she doesn’t know any better.

It was in the way that whatever I did, it was not good enough.  And all I kept thinking, was if I was a boy, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  If I was a boy, I wouldn’t have had the same curfew.  I wouldn’t have had the same rules about the opposite gender in the house.

Even though I was told I could be and do anything, I could only be and do anything within the realm of what was acceptable as a girl.

Even now, as an adult, it’s about picking myself up, and putting myself back together again.  Sometimes I feel like Humpty Dumpty.  She sat on a wall, she had a great fall, and no one could put her back together again.  Except for her.  She persisted.  She looked at her shattered broken bits, and she said, time to forge something anew.  Time to evolved.  Time to be the Phoenix and rise up, and keep coming back, and proving my worth.

Nevertheless She Persisted.

Such words could not be truer.

Because that is the lesson we have learnt, every time we where punched down.

Nevertheless She Persisted.


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