I missed Wednesday. In my defence it was my birthday. 

So a list is in order because their easy:

  1. Wednesday, march 1st was my birthday. I turned 32. The older I get the quieter I like my birthdays.  Simple things like relaxing with a good book work really well for me. 
  2. Things that did not happen on Wednesday was hours of reading time.
  3. Things that did happen, was a giant snow storm we ended up driving about in. 
  4. The reason for the driving about and lack of book curling up was my friend Nancy. She was in from out of town visiting and my Day’s to see her and whole up where due. So Cowboy and I collected her. 
  5. Then we went pastry shopping because birthday deserts are a thing. Then we went to the mall. And we bought BOOKS!!  And boots. And pjs. The pjs where not for me. They where Nancy’s. pic above of the book haul. 
  6. then we went to Best Buy and TousRUs. More driving. More Nasty snow blowing at us. But I aquired season 4 of Sherlock. So WINNING!!!!
  7. Then more driving as we went to the Vespa kitchen for food stuffs. Yum.  It has that food truck in a standard location vibe and food. Delightful.
  8. Then home! Where we watched a k drama. We had started Boys Over Flowers this summer and had yet to finish it. 
  9. Yesterday we finished the k drama. 
  10. Tomorrow I drive to the halfway point to drop off Nancy. Then back home. It will be A LONG day. Like 10+ hours of driving. This is love. 

So that was my birthday. 

Below we have a pic of Rory and I on my birthday. Dog selfies are an important part of my identity. 

P.s.  Cowboy is best present giver ever. He got me an iPad Pro. I would have been stoked at a mini but this thing is sleek as all get out and tots sexy.  I immediately downloaded scrivener and set up the synch to my computer via Dropbox and holly does it make a world of difference reading your own writing on an iPad. Different the medium makes it ideal for editing. 


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