All in a Weekends Work

It’s Sunday evening, at around 8:30 pm as I’m writing this.  The end of a weekend, and I’m thinking what did I actually get done.  Weekends are such fickle things.  I want to sleep in for 10 hours each day, and spend all day reading a book.  But then I also want to go to the gym, and walk my dogs, and write on my novel for hours on end.  I want a clean house, and to hang out with friends, and I want to watch endless tv, and knit.  I want to live a thousand lives in 2 days.  I want to do everything, and nothing at all.  I want to be productive, and cross things off a to do list, like i’m the Jedi master of to do lists, and i also simultaneously want to sloth about the house, and do nothing but things that are comfortable, like reading and tv.

So let’s see what I got accomplished off that list.

As of Sunday evening around 8pm my house is finally clean in that top to bottom kind of way I do so enjoy.  Everything is tidied, laundry is done and put away.  All bedding, including dog bedding and couch coverings has been washed and reassembled.  Couches have been fabrezed and vacuumed.  The house is dusted.  The bathroom cleaned, and the floors moped.  I also prepped a bunch of food for next week, and the kitchen is clean.  Cleaning took about 2 days, but it was off and one, and in between.  Still quite the monumental task, but it does so clear the head, and make me feel at peace. It frees me up for the rest of the week to not fret that I should be attending to the tumbleweeds that are threatening a revolution.

I walked my dogs each day.  I went to the gym on Saturday.

I hung out with a Friend on Friday night, and we watched 4 episodes of Teen Wolfe.  I hung out with a different friend late Saturday afternoon, through to Sunday afternoon.  We went makeup shopping, made delicious foods, drank and watched great TV.  I highly recommend Riverdale by the way, if you like a noir murder mystery teen drama version of Archie.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Veronica.  Betty, I’m waiting to see how her character arch plays out. I got a wee bit of knitting done in there.

I got zero writing done, except for this blog post right now.  I listened to a  lot of audiobook, but got very little reading done hardcopy or ereader style. I’m a wee bit disappointed in the writing, and the reading front, but I really did pack a full schedule into the weekend.

Overall, I think I killed the weekend.  But I could use an extra day, for writing, for lounging, for just being.  I packed it full, and feel full, but as an introvert, I feel like I could use a little more quiet.  But such is the way of a Sunday evening.  I always want more time.

This week, I’m going to try and focus on writing each evening, walking my dogs, and making it to the gym at least three times.  I want to take more lipstick selfies as I’ve acquired a new batch of warrior paint and must show that off.

Here are a few pics posted to my instagram from the weekend. (in case the pics don’t show up, because I’m new to trying to get things from Instagram to show up in a blog post… here is the link for my instagram:


I help fold towels too! #bassetlove #bassetlife

A post shared by Julia Muldoon (@jemuldoon) on Mar 12, 2017 at 11:22am PDT


Delightful teacup is delightful. So touched. Thank you @sarah.j.cairns and for the tea. Love love love.

A post shared by Julia Muldoon (@jemuldoon) on Mar 12, 2017 at 1:58pm PDT



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