Sunday Rebranding

I’ve always been a person who takes Sunday’s for themselves.  I used to call it JamieJam Sundays.  It was a day where I could just relax and be, without an epic to do list.  Without having to run errands, or workout, or anything else that felt pressing.  It was a day for reading, or tv watching, and some cooking for the rest of the week.  That cooking thing got me. Because yes I love great good and I want it available for the rest of the week, but why am I spending time on Sunday doing it, when I just want to relax.

Then I was having a hard time with my writing.  I was getting disconnected with it through the week, so on Sundays I told myself, I would get reconnected, and give into it.  Get that deep down zen feeling you only get after hours of being in the story.  You can’t get that on a weeknight hitting your 500 words per day.  Sure that moves your story along, but that zen feeling of being one with your writing, that’s part of the art, and that takes time for me.  I realized that, that feeling was a reason why I wrote as well.

Sundays slowly started keeping up with stuff that had to get done, and all of a sudden it wasn’t lazy Sundays anymore.

Therefore, Sundays need to be rebranded for me.  They are still my days, but as I sit here writing this, I have a mud mask on, I got up and read for a bit this morning, I did Yoga with Adriene, and plan on making super, and getting words on my novel in.

Therefore, I’m moving that we rename Sunday to Self-Care Sunday.  This is the day of light workouts, dog walking, yoga, healthy meal prep, skin care, and of finding my zen in the WIP.  This is what I wish all my days looked like, but if I get only one of them, this is it.  It’s a soft gentle day, with easy to achieve goals and a pace that is manageable, and things that refill instead of drain.


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