Three things to have a good day

I have been watching 100 Days by John Green.  Watching a grown ass man have a healthy mid life crisis has been entertaining, and motivating to get back to the gym.  However, it was this video that really stuck with me.

I’m a girl with an epic to do list, and I only feel like I have my shit together when I get to all items + on that list.  And those lists are long.  They are maybe over ambitious and maybe set up so I can’t succeed.  So I can tell myself I am not enough, and tomorrow we have to try to burn brighter.  But this video told me that I can have a minimum of three things that need to get done to have a good day.  And I think that it can work in either direction.  For an overachiever, and for underachievers.  Pick three things, and as long as those things happen, you’ve got this.

So here are my three things:

  • Drink your 8 glasses of water (tea and coffee count, but for only half, hopefully less then)
  • Do something active today (go for a walk with dogs, hit the gym, Yoga with Adriene, a walk on your breaks at work, the more the better but at least one is still a success).
  • Read a physical book (okay – readers are fine, but audiobooks are cheating.  I already listed to a lot of audiobooks, so I just want to get back into the zen of reading again)
  • Bonus round – do something creative today.  Knit, write, or colour, or even something else.

I also try to be on social media daily, on twitter or instagram, but I can see already where those are chewing up time, that could be better spent.  I’m constantly checking in for self validation.  However, I need to figure a way to participate, but not using it as a popularity contest.

On a how I am going to achieve this level, here’s what I’m hoping to change in order to meet these goals.  Start tracking my water consumption.  There is no way of knowing if I make it, if I don’t track it.  Find a way that works for me to do that.

Get up and go for a walk on my breaks at work. I’ve been skipping the breaks, and I’ve noticed that I’m loosing focus in my days, and I need that time away to disconnect, get out of the job at hand, get movement going again, and get out of the office.  Listen to an audiobook and destress.

I’m loving what I am doing at work right now, as I’m filling in for a temporary job vacancy, but I’m still getting that feeling of all my time is going to other people, or a to do list to get things in order, so I finally have the time for me that is needed, and then I don’t get that time because the to do list is to damned long.  I want to schedule some time in the morning just for me, but I need a reason to get out of bed.  Working out has always worked well for me, so Yoga I think is going to be my way of setting up my day.  I’m going to start setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier, so I can get up and do a small Yoga with Adriene session.  I’ve just done her beginners video and I want to try doing that every day before work.

I need to start going to bed at a reasonable time and instead of playing mindless games of my phone, I’m going to read again.  I’ve been having this fear about reading before bed, because what if it’s really good, and all I want to do is synch into the novel.  But then even other times I put aside for writing I feel myself holding myself apart from the reading experience, because I don’t want to fall endlessly in love with the project, because the heartache.  But dude, this is why I read.  To feel that connection.  This is why I write, to make others feel that connection.  Avoiding it will not grow my craft.

Bonus round, too often we put our art at the end of the day, after everything is ticked off from that to do list.  Once I get better at waking up earlier for Yoga, I want to add in some extra time for writing.  In the mean time, I think I’m going to make writing a priority before I start tackling my to do list.  Have you written your 500 words, then no gym for you.  However, I’ve kept it open to other creative endeavours, because I love to knit and colour, and somedays at the end of the day, that’s all I have energy left for, is just something easy, and I should be giving myself credit for that too.

So there you have it.  My three things, with a bonus round for how to have a successful day for me.  I’m going to stop punishing myself for not being superwoman and saving the universe.  Alas, I don’t have the genetics for that.  What I do have is a keen appreciation for books, and wanting to live a long happy life.




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