Oh man.  Guys.  What a week.  Sorry I missed our regularly schedules Wednesday, but I had holidays this week and literally have been away from online.  It was so nice.  So very very nice.  It started off super stressful, but after that road bump we are still working on, I’ve let go and am in the just wait it out camp of things.  Sine then i’ve had some time for family and friends, and sleeping in and dogs, and hubby and colouring, and a new tv show, and music, and reading.  It was great.  So great.

What I didn’t do as much of was writing or larger house projects.  Originally I thought that was how I was going to spend my time, but then honestly, it kind of gave me anxiety, trying to complete a to do list a million miles long.  No instead I just relaxed and it was amazing.

I did however, spend a Saturday morning/afternoon, at a coffee with a good friend working on plotting a novel.  Not the novel I should be working on, but still a novel plotted in an afternoon.  That’s amazing.  It helps to ask the questions. I used to think that plotting was about knowing the answers, but sometimes it’s about asking questions.  Like who are their friends?  What is their family background and dynamic?  What do they like?  Write the questions down, not just the answers.  Come up with multiple answers for those questions.  Write yourself notes, like research this more.  Research will spur ideas for inspiration.

So I think the reason I’ve been struggling with Paris so much is because it lacks direction.  I think I finally found that direction, but I also need to figure out how that direction affects everyone in the novel and what their goals are in relationship to the problem and how they play together.  What is each of them striving for?  That will help me figure out where I’m going, because right now I have some great writing, and some amazing scenes, but we don’t have a goal.  We need to make the goal very apparent right from the beginning.  Do we add a ticking time bomb?  I don’t know.  I just know I need to make the issue known so we have a goal to work towards and keep turning the pages.  Discovery writing is fun, but it lacks direction and now feel like I have a sea of words, that might not serve the story.

I think I’m going to turn into a plotter.  I know it’ scary. but I think that’s what I need to do.  Read through my notes, and then plot the Beetlejuice out of that.

Anyways, this is just a quick check in.  Hope you all are having an amazing summer.


P.S. I did not get to chill on a beach like that with chairs like that.  I wish.  but still, a most enjoyable time off.


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